Problems with Cash Drawer

Im having a little bit of a problem with trying out SambaPOS, as it seems to have more functionality that unicenta id like to move away and join the sambaclub.

I was having a hard time using my printer through the port system and ended up just using default printer, this sometimes became unresponsive or laggy. Also the cash drawer system never worked and it would only spit out the drawer if I printed a receipt or ticket. Ive coped with it like this for 6 months now and after a refit and lots of problems ive decided to almost give up and start from scratch with a new system.

I installed Sambapos4 on my laptop to try it out, but had an issue with the database, so I installed it on the POS system. It currently is on XP so only allowing me to use pos3. I understand this ‘could’ be an issue, but getting some functionality would be a start.

Everything runs fine, and the tickets come out like lightning (unlike unicenta) but no matter how hard I try and follow tutorials, the cash drawer just will not open.

Ive followed the tutorial on how to create a no sale button, ive installed both drivers for the printer (its a maxatex mt-150, but emulates the Epton tm t88ii) It prints receipts fine, but that dang cash drawer will not open! And yes, ive used the correct XCT code for the printer. Its just so frustrating.

My till system has 2 ‘phone slots’ which are for the cash drawer and customer display, i have tried putting into them but still no avail.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Kind regards


So how did you configured XCT command?

Ok so maybe I’ve done it wrong?

i followed this tutorial as a start to get the cash drawer working.

I checked the code for my cash drawer from the website that shows all cash drawer codes

Thanks for your reply


That will work if your cash drawer connected to your printer.

You can find more info here.

my fault, I hadn’t set the correct parameters in the no sale button.

When I added the code to kitchen ticket it worked fine!

Im still having a few issues about though, but ill try and work them out. If not ill be back!

Thanks for being of help