Problems With Order Tags

Hi all, I have an issue with ordertags. Occasionally (though not always) when I have autoselect enabled and add the first product from the menu on the pos screen then by clicking ‘close’ to hide the order tags the menu is not shown and I just get a blank screen with no menu. By cancelling the item, closing the ticket and reopening it seems to be ok. Really strange behaviour as it seems intermittent.

I also can’t seem to be able to enable the keypad on my product modifiers screen… I need to be able to use ‘change price’ on the pos screen for some items, but when I select the button and click ‘change price’ I get an error prompting me to enter a value in the keypad first, which is not shown due to the modifers screen being shown by default.

Has anyone else come across this?

Change price you would typically type in the price, select the product then click change price.

Given your scenario you would be better with a custom change price button which triggers an update order action with [?Price:…] prompt expression which will display a ask question style popup.
If you search custom keyboards Q have layed out most common expressions for after the : to define the type of keyboard which for this will be a numberpad with decimal point.

As for your other point sorry but not experienced this so not sure.
In the mean time try clicking on the product to un-select it and see if this gets arround untill whatever issue is causing is resolved.

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Search Forum for “Change Price button” - there are a few discussion about creating your own and customizing it…

You really need to capture some screenshots of every instance between actions. No other way to even begin to troubleshoot that without seeing what is happening. It definitely is not normal, but there are certain things that can cause “blank/no menu ticket screen” that you might not even think to check.