Product Analsys Group

Have seen a couple of questions which were kind of related but wondered if anyone agreed that it would be nice to have a user friendly second level product grouping/analysis grouping?
For example;

  • Wet
    • Draft
    • Wine
    • Bottles
    • Soft
  • Dry
    • Starters
    • Mains
    • Desserts
    • Specials

I know you could set this up with custom reporting but think this is a valuable tool that is missing with Samba.

Can you explain where you want that to be and what it is? Is that a printout?

I think it could be useful on a few levels if included in the mapping options for rules etc and tags for constraints etc as well as additional reporting peramiter.

At first I think about reporting (printout) but then potential uses with API integration where breakdown doesn’t need to be so specific.

I know we try not to compare to other POS systems but most that I have used have used have at least two levels for reporting/summary - a departmental (product group) and an analysis level (wet/dry/accommodation etc) to simplify general reporting whilst still giving functionality to see more retailed report also.

The analysis level grouping I think should not be set on a product level it should be ‘mapped’ against product groups as a summary type function.

I’m sorry but I’m having a hard time understanding what your getting at. What would this solve?

I mean why would you map a rule to a product analysis?

Sorry, I didn’t word that right the reporting side was the main concern.

I still don’t understand what your trying to achieve or how this would work.

That your report would list sales by product group at it does but also by analysis group.

Draft 100
Wine 100
Bottles 150
Soft 100
Starters 50
Mains 150
Desserts 50
Specials 100
Total 800

Wet 450
Dry 350
Total 800

I think that this is a fairly common method for reporting.
I dont think that it is something that should have to be configured within a custom report.

I would rather just do a report vs configuring products like that. Sounds like a lot of busy work for something I can do in 5 seconds with a report.

:frowning: your probably right.
Think my thought are coming back to having manager creating products rather than owner/admin and possibility of creating new product group which is not set in the report…