Product BUTTONS don't seem to change when you change the product name?

I have gone into the default Products table to edit it for my use. Changing prices and descriptions etc is all pretty straight forward, however, when I change the Name of a product it is NOT reflected in the onscreen button on the POS screen. Please advise.

Manage - Products - Menu List

Select Menu and in Menu Categories Click on the Relevant Menu category your product is located in. Then Click on

`Edit Product Properties`

Then you can manually type the Header Name in for your product. See screenshot:

Hope this helps.


Have changed to question rather than issue.
As shown above the product name is not directly the button header.
The button header is a serperate setting allowing you to call a product by its full name but shorten for its button for example.
This one did catch me out when I first started - your not the only one :smile:
What hapens when you first add a product to the menu is the product name will be copied into the button header.
May seem off at first but this
Type of thing is what gives samba it’s emence flexibility and customisability.

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