Product Count Down

We are migrating off Tevalis POS as I believe SambaPOS to be a better solution.

However Tevalis does have a great feature called Countdown.

This is great in a Cafe where items change daily and are presented in a cabinet for customers to choose. Tevalis allows us to set the number of this product we have for sale and show this on the product button. This is different from stock as the items are things made each day and are not Inventory items.

I know we can do this if we use inventory, but this is beyond the basics of what we want.

Inventory is used when we resell a product (can of coke etc) but not when it could be as simple as a Muffin (made by our chefs)

Any suggestions on how to do this. The balance needs to display on the product button.


Things like muffins can be tracked through SambaPOS’ built-in inventory functions. Those items are called Inventory Products (not to be confused with menu products).

This thread has everything you’ll need to know (and more!):

There is a way to show what’s left in inventory on a product’s button, but IIRC the general consensus was the hit to the DB isn’t worth it.

I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of SambaPOS the last couple of months and I have come to the following conclusions:

  • A) I need to add SambaPOS to the browser’s dictionary
  • B) It’s not a matter of “can it do this” but more so “how can I make it do this”.

This is a tutorial for exactly what you need