Product CountDown

This is NOT stock related.

We are a bust cafe that make fresh products during the day

there my be 6 of product x to day and 20 2 days later… all based on what we want to sell and how busy the day will be.

They are not products we currently track in Stock/Inventory
The system we were using had 1 good feature, each time new products came out from the kitchen the team on the counter could press Set Countdown, Press the product enter how many they had for sale, then pre Set Countdown to save.

The figure would display on the Button, each time a sale was made it would deduct 1 from the figure… this way the team on the front counter taking orders to be made up by the service team would not over sell a product… and most importantly NOT annoy the customers by having to swap products,

for a place that takes orders first its a huge plus.

Our products change hourly so we don;t load them in stock unless they are prepurchased items … ie… cans of drink.

Ideally the system should display on the button either the IN STOCK figure or the CountDown Figure…

I’ve seen a solution to use reporting for stock but also heard it has a heavy overhead on the server…

CountDown needs to be quick and simple… its shouldn’t need backoffice staff to do this… the x number of product comes out from the kitchen, placed in display cabinets, till is updated with Quantity and then the team start selling it.

I would pay to have this feature developed… it’s that important to us

This can be implemented now with current automation, entity screen, and SETTINGS tags. You can build a custom entity screen with editor widgets to enter counts for products and then it will display it in product name with {SETTING:X} in the header of the menu item name.

Here’s a tutorial for what you need

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Hello Steve,

Below you can find the kb document for the topic that @RickH has mentioned.
It is not stock related and you can determine item sale limit either when you Start Work Period or during the Work Period. You can have a look at it and see if it works for you;

I think you want like this.


Follow the instructions in the link given above and create all the actions and rules

sorry Rick but this is not a viable solution…

the solution from RestoANT looks much better and looks like it will do as we need

Your solution looks great… do you have any instructions/guides as to how I can implement this

Are these regular products or special one offs?

Take a look at my daily specials setup, might give some ideas;

Either way would be using settings values with, If its regular products setting name would be something like countdown_{product name} and you could set by say having an order mapped command to set countdown value and pull product name because order would be selected so can grab the name and enter number with a ?prompt.
Also could even set custom header on menu item to pull the setting value using I guess either $1 or {0} depending on which works.

no this doesn’t work for us… the solution in the video from RestoANT looks the best match…

thanks anyway

What video?
Samba is very flexible and can do allot within reason but these things aren’t just built in as default setup, they need to be created.

You on commission :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i dont remember how i did it. i must take a look.

no mate… just a fan of SambaPOS - using it in 2 cafes (1 in NZ the other in the UK) just missing some functionality that would really help us and is in other systems.

in one of our cafe Chef creates limited number of dishes and we need to be able to know the number available to sell when we are taking orders at the table. Otherwise we sell an item then the kitchen ends up telling us they can’t make it… makes the servers look stupid having to go back to change the order

thankyou… this would be a huge help to a lot of cafes/restaurants… its a very powerful tool and available in a lot of other systems… I love SambaPOS but need a few extra features… happy to pay for any work you have to do… I have other requirements if you want some work

pm your whatsapp number or skype please.

any progress on the countdown solution??

my NZ number is [omitted for privacy]


Hi, could you please share your setup with us?
Thank you