Product Group Code Column in Product Tag Editor?

Might be a silly idea but anyone else think a way to batch update product group code would be handy if you were to make a mistake after creating load of products?
Maybe not by default but possibly option to add the column?

I have done that via SQL in the past.

But it would be better if it was a built-in feature, since changing the Group Code via SQL does not update it in other areas such as Order Tag mappings. In that case, Order Tags break because of this, because they are not aware of the change to the Group Code name.

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I need to change all the names of the group code, it is posible? i cant find the way

I wrote an SQL script to do this I think, have you searched on the forum?

yes i am but i did not find it, sorry

How many you got to change, if your comfortable and know what your doing you could manually copy and paste the new GroupCode in MSSQL manager.
I have a script somewhere, might be in beta, flat out at the minute if you don’t solve before I get chance will dig it out.

all of them, i want to add food and beverage to use the kitchen display tutorial i find another way but im prefer to stick to the tutorial step by step to avoid errors

Not done a kitchen display but if I needed what you say - which I do similar for my PMS intergration (wet/dry for accounting on PMS) I use a custom product tag field so group codes can still report more detailed breakdown but a custom report can use the custom tags.

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yes, i find this option,thanks you

I turn my tags into state on order added rule.
If tag is not null update state NominalCode state of tag value to help make reporting more flexable with say drinks and food breakdown of receipt template.

Better to use Custom Product Tag rather than Groupcode.

I know the Tutorial was done using Groupcode, but it can be using Custom Product Tag, which is the way I do it now.