Product grouping under product list

Hey everyone, i’m really liking this sambapos program. A lot of my customers are attracted to the user friendly interface and it runs really well on the pos hardware i sell them on.

I’m exploring all the possibilities with this program, so far loving it. however I don’t know whether i’m missing something or i simply haven’t come across it. Under ‘Product List’ where we can add products, the pre existing ones are in groups. example under one group “sandwiches” there are some sandwich products there. When adding your own products, I cannot seem to find an option anywhere on sambapos that allows me to create a group in which i can group all specific products to that category of product. i can only see 'add product, edit product, delete product, batch create products and change sort order. i thought it might be an option under when you create a new product, however i couldn’t find anything.

can anyone direct me to where i can find the option to sort products into product groups?

Look at product Group Code. Set the Group Code and that creates a category. Once created you can select it again in another product without having to type it. What I mean is even though it looks like a drop down box go ahead and type whatever group code you want to make. Once you make that Group Code once it will be available in the drop down box for selection under Group Code.


Thanks kendash, that’s exactly what i was looking for.