Product in Order Tag

there sth i cant understand…
i want to when i sell a Muffin product and select the order tag “Chocolate” the report in item sales report “Chocolate Muffin” increase not the “Muffin” product

here is the order tag I’ve done i selected the product the “Chocolate Muffin”

but this increases the Muffin product only not the Chocolate Muffin


so what is the importance of the Product in the Order Tag List
and how can i do this?

note that i need them to be in order tag not a separated product

The product of order tag I believe will relate to inventory consumption.

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Your selling a muffin though. You want to see the type not just muffin right? So you need to report on the order tags for Muffin to see that in the sales report.

how can i do this?
and what is Product in Order tag list used for?

That is used for tracking inventory.

If you want to report that as a separate product then you need to make it a separate product or use portions for that. Order tags are for modifying the order not for making a different product to track sales on. Portions will track it separately by portion.

Or you can use Submenu and define each as a separate product.

Submenu can be defined as Muffin when you press it you will see the various muffin types but each will be their own product. Ill give an example give me a few minutes to set it up.

You could also edit your report to show Order Tags sales.

to be clearly obvious i’m using order tags because i have 2 products one called Muffin to purchase one muffin and then use order tags to choose the flavor
and another product called Box of 6 Muffins and each has its own price but i need to flavors sold in this Box so i have to count the order tags and this cant be done by submenu

You also have portions that you can use. Portions could be the box of 6. Order Tags can be assigned to portions.

i think this is what i need :blush:
how can i do it???

Thing is… it will not list them as separate products… you will still see Muffin. You want order tags listed as products… it will never do that… you kinda explained it but explain your entire reason and maybe I can help you find a good method for implementing it.

You sell various flavors of muffins. You also sell a box of 6 random flavor choices right?

You want it to be simple so screen is not cluttered right?


it’s better to be simple but if there is’nt any simple way then no problem

There is, I am going to show you a few options but I do not want to miss anything. So explain your menu in case I missed anything. Is it mostly just muffins you want this for?

no it’s for most of my products

What flavors are the choices?

i have 1 product like muffins{chocolate,Straberry,caramel…etc} Bars{Toffe,Brownies,S’mores…etc} Cup{Oreo,Nutella…etc}
for each i want to use either 1 or 6 or 12 product and for each i want to choose its flavor

Ok the boxes lets say box of 6 or 12, is it a different price than just buying 6 separately?

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yes when u buy 6 one of them will be free
12 --> 3 will be free

i mean : when u buy 6 u pay for 5 only
and when u buy 12 u pay for 9 only