Product Items Group Discount

Dear All,
Could you please guide me how can i set up Discount by Item Group?
My product have item tag “Food and Beverage”. I want to set up Discount only for Beverage Group.
Is it possible to set up?

What is your planned method of discount? Calculation or order tags.
Just as a starting point that option yours using is NOT item group, item group code is the top right option when making products, that’s the default product tag column. I would recommend using a real product tag rather than the default tag column. You can define your own columns in program settings.
See here;

Thank You Mr.JTRTech…
Only now, i come to know about “real product tag” as you described.
let me ask some more about “How can we link those product tag from Discount Button?”.

Well would need to know what discount arrangement you are planning.
I base my loyalty discounts on similar but is a more complex setup.
Normal discount calculations are ticket based so not based on individual orders. To do that with calculation you would need to used fixed value type and create automation to calculate amount using report expression and math.
Alternative method is using a discount order tag which I’ve not done myself but documented on forum.

Yes…I would like to use Normal Discount Ticket Base.
Could you share me some more details, please?

The problem with using Ticket Calculations for discounts is the fact that they are for tickets not for products. You can technically build some complicated automation to make it work but they are really intended for entire tickets.

The best method for doing item level discounts are order tags. You can see more of how to do that here: