Product modifier should pop up automatically after adding product in order

Hi emre,

Thanks for the support you have given before, it is really appreciated.
can you please help me with this situation below:-

I have a product, and it has three modifiers, i want like every time when i add that product in order then modifier screen should pop-up by itself, it should say it is must to select at least 1 modifier.
I don’t know how do i implement that modifier screen come up automatically without selecting product on order.
now current situation is every time when i have to add modifier, i have to select the added product in order then its modifier comes up, and then u can add.
i hope i have written my situation understandable.

Simple go to order tags main page select minimum and maximum selections than go to menu select u r category Edit category products and tick auto select for which products u want to pop automatically make sure save before exit.

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… additionally you can find more detailed info with screen shots here

Look at the section of the tutorial that explains Auto Select.

thanks emre and gsreaddy for so fast reply, i really appreciated, what i actually want shown below with pictures:

Now Onion rings has 3 modifiers (6packs, 12 packs, 30 packs)

now i added "onion rings in order list, now still without selecting any modifier , i can add other products.
and i know, if we do select in “order tags” min 1 modifiers should be selected, it does work but after selecting the product in order list

i hope i have explained what i want… lol
i am little bad in explaining things …
sorry for that.
thanks for the help.

I wish I’d have @Jesse’s big arrow. lol

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