Product Sell with Option (Order Tags) -- Inventory tracking

In the Breakfast Categories I have created a SUB Menu called Continental Breakfast with the OPTION (Using ORDER TAGS) to choose bread or toast.

The Continental Breakfast is composed:
100 g. Butter
1 croissant

Inventory Items:added
1000 g Butter
10 croissant

In the Receipe I have added:
Continental Breakfast:
Product—> Continental Breakfast
Inventory Item Name: Butter 100 g and Croissant 1

So if I will sell 1 Continental Breakfast it will decrease:
Butter :900 g
in the Warehouse. And for now all works fine.

But if I have added with ORDER TAGS (OPTION) Bread or Toast how can I track this choice?

I don’t want to create on BREAKFAST two Sub Menu called Continental Breakfast Bread and another one Continental Breakfast Toast.

This is a small example but I have a lot of OPTION with ORDER TAGS…




You can assign products to order tags so when this order tag is selected it decreases inventory as if that mapped product sold. Please keep in mind base product needs to have a recipe to make order tags properly decrease inventory.

Hi Emre
In Product List there’s a a voice Croissant.
I map Breakfast --> Continental Breakfatst —> When I will sell 1 Continental Breakfast it will decrease of 2 Croissant. And this will work fine.

Now imagine that the client want more croissant:
I have added an Order Tags --> Called Breakfast Continental Modifiers
In Order Tag List i put
Tag Max Q. Price
Croissant 2 0.00

This will mean that If I chose Croissant in the Breakfast Continental Modifiers Order Tag i will expect that it will decrease the voice of Croissant Inventory in Warehouse.

It seems that the system won’t consider the Order Tag Croissant…

I don’t understand when you write:
"You can assign products to order tags so when this order tag is selected it decreases inventory as if that mapped product sold. "




Don’t you have product column on order tags list?

Ok Thank’s Emre for the immediate answer…very good. It work’s fine



so for the order tag product do we need to include in the recipe?
eg, I have a main course and a fixed range of selected side dish

I set rice as product
then chicken, beef and fish as order tag
for the order tag i link it to rice under the mapping

and now if set a recipe of the rice, i have to include rice, chicken, beef and fish right.
so if i sell rice + chicken only, the inventory will reduce all rice, chicken, beef and fish ?

anyway to solve this?

anyway add an extra mapping of order tag directly to the inventory? instead of include it into the recipe

You’ll link beef, fish, chicken products to order tags and their recipes will automatically link to order tags.

for this I need to create 3 separate product right which will be shown in the menu right? eg rice with beef, rice with fish, rice with chicken

i found a work around by using the portion function by creating
then portion into beef, rice and fish
then i can create 3 different recipe base on this rice

if the order tag can have a direct associate with the inventory would be great instead of relying to include the required ingredient in the main recipe

Yes you need to create 3 products for order tags but you don’t need to add them to menu. Creating portions will be a easier solution if you don’t need different portions for rice.

i still don’t get it. sorry i am dumb.

how does this work by using the tag?

under recipe, rice only allowed to have one recipe.
i mention recipe coz it means when i select rice on the pos, it will reduce the portion hence inventory management right as it is included in the recipe.

if i use order tag, first, i can’t create another recipe base on rice as rice only allowed to be chosen once in a recipe. that’s the place where i stuck

:) Chicken should be a product and should have it’s individual recipe. You’ll create an order tag for Chicken and map it to chicken product by choosing chicken product from product column.

When you map this order tag to rice, salad or any other product that may optionally contain chicken, it will decrease chicken inventory by using chicken recipe (and the main product inventory by using own recipe). So you won’t include chicken in other recipes.

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i think i get it now , so when i create chicken as a product i don’t need to include it into the menu .
perfect! thanks for your patience

Yes this is one of the most important features of SambaPOS. Your product list and menu items maintained separately so when needed you can create unique menus for different departments.

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Hi Emre,

I tried it on version 4.1.41
Product Pizza,cheese
Inventory Item Cheese

I added the Cheese as a Order Tag item Linked to Product Cheese. My Receipt says Cheese linked to cheese, however it does not deduct from the Inventory.

Is there something I am overlooking?

My Receipt does Select inventory Item cheese

Main product (pizza in your case) should have a recipe in order to order tag recipes could work.