Product Tag with empty value

I have created a custom Product Tag named Kitchen. It is intended to help me identify items that could be cooked on any floor kitchen (we have two floors) or only in the first floor.

Some products will have this value under the Kitchen tag column: “first floor” while the remaining products will have an empty value. For example:

Product Kitchen
B first floor

In my Print Job, under the Product Tag column I have:

Department Ticket type ... Kitchen Printer
* * ... Kitchen=first floor P1
* * ... Kitchen= P2

What I need is for all Products with the Kitchen product tag set to “first floor” to be printer on P1. All the products where the Kitchen product tag was left empty should be printed on P2.

I also tried “Kitchen!=first floor” but it does not work.

What is the correct way to ask if the value of a product tag is empty?

I think you might struggle getting the result you need using job mapping like that.

My plan for handeling my kitchen with hot and cold sections is not to use jobs and mapping but use the product tag like you but to use that product tag on an order added rule to set custom order states like;
and use these instead of status=new as a state filter on the print action itself, mimicing the detault setup and then having an order state update to change to;
On ticket close after the print job action on the ticket closing rule.

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I understand but it seems pretty obvious that if I am able to query against value I should be able to query against an empty value. Does this make any sense to you?

I know what you saying and for state mappings on auto commands it would be just = yes, but the question is is it working?
I’d recommend the other way as it allows a much greater control but it’s your system.

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Don’t set a tag for the second mapping. If first mapping matches it will work otherwise other mapping will work.

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