Products deleted even says can't be

On v5.1.62, I just noticed if you have Products linked to Order Tags, if selecting multiple products in Product List, right click and select to Delete Selected Items. It shows a dialog saying “Can’t delete Products as linked to Order Tag” - however the Products were still deleted!

I did this for about 50 products and when I closed and went back to Product List, they all were deleted.

But I just tried to replicate this with some new test products, and it works correctly and they don’t get deleted. I was going to post a video of it happening with test products but can’t replicate it again. Might be something to double check though.

I’ll check again later by restoring the database before deleting those products and see if I can make it happen again in that specific case.

I just tried restoring the database where this happened and I really can’t replicate it! It did happen that one time but won’t do it again…