Products deleting itself

Hello Everyone

M facing a problem with one of my customer from last few weeks and the problem is when they add new items in samba let we say 5 or 6 items, after few days its just get disappear from it. I don’t know why i checked everything but i cant find the problem. The version m using is 5.2.3 and my database size right now is nearly 900 mb. Database contains about 9000 items.
Any help would be appreciated.

That sounds odd.

Do you get any crash reports when this happens? Or you just see it missing.

Does the item go missing just from menu or from product list as well?

If you are not getting any crashes or report from it when it occurs, I would suggest try to running Rule Debugger and monitor it to see if a random rule is causing this.

Other thing could be that staff could be removing it from Menu without notice.

He probably has not pressed the button at the top to show all. By default it truncated the list to save loading memory.

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We get to know about item missing when cashiers try to scan on pos and nothing comes up.

We dont put those items in menu only thoes items which dont have barcode we put in menu. No crash reports and i checked the rules it says no issues.

Have you checked if the items are still in products list? If so, check the barcode to see if there is a value there. If there is, I would check to see if the value changes(which it shouldn’t unless there is some automation around it) if you scan it multiple times.
If you have set up inventory and some rules around it, it may also be that the item wont show if inventory reports the item is no longer in stock.

No rules or inventory configured and yeah i checked it in product list its just disappear.

have you tried searching the product name in the search bar on the right hand side of product list?
It may be like kendash suggested(truncated product list)

Yes i did when they tell me the item is not in the system and few days before they put the item in the system already. And they bring a item which is not in the system because it doesnt scan by cashiers.

I have only one barcode related rule in samba was configured before i.e

But this was configured last year and this problem we get from last 1 or 2 months.

Have you updated to the latest version of SambaPOS to see if that helps fix your issue?

Maybe a silly question but does the barcode your scanning start with a 2 and is 12 numbers long as per your rule? If not it won’t scan because of that constraint

Seems odd that all your barcodes would start with a 2, unless your barcoding all your products yourself so they all start with a 2 and are 12 digits long?

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Struggling to userstand the rule, it takes the barcode entered in number pad, splits it to qty and price but can’t see end of the expression.
So barcode include qty and price? Seems odd, if the product barcode includes these whey the automation as would need product per qty and price?

Items don’t just disapear…something is happening here but it’s not just items disappearing.

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I am not disagreeing, but I will say one thing - I had a customer report something similar today, I haven’t investigated yet so I am still very much believing user error, but they said they were making lots of product changes, saved them and when they closed and reopened SambaPOS the changes were lost. First time I ever heard someone say this. It sounds very strange TBH and I would usually just dismiss it, but given this post I thought I would just mention. Customer is on 5.2.7.

I will investigate probably tomorrow and update. Again though, I do not believe this is likely.

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I’ve seen that before and it was not pressing save before closing sambapos. I mean for it to disapear it would have to delete that table entry… maybe check the db?

If it’s in the db and not showing maybe it’s something else.

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This rule is for PLU barcode reading.

They pressing save after adding a item and right after adding it scanning but its just disappear after few days.
Now there is a second who have the same issue. But what i did i used the previously customer database by this customer and both have same problem. Ssome items i put it in samba from my own hand and its not scanning now. And when i go in product list its not there.

Yeah something like this problem m having with 2 customers.
They put new item in samba and after few days cashiers report its not in the system.

Haven’t been using training mode? Changed in that will be lost when exiting.