Promotion Points for VIP conflict

I found a very weird error, if a customer is a VIP and I want to give a free coffee with points the program gets the product point for money and removes it from total !!!

Customer is VIP and buy an Espresso and his discount is -0,15
Espresso has 10 points
If i use points his discount is -10,00

Surely this not a real issue. Rather it is a configuration problem. The system just does what you set it up to do via automation.

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ok configuration problem it is, any idea how to solve it ?

No idea - cannot tell without seeing your full setup for Points. I can only assume you are using this…

do you want me to send you database or screenshot you ?

The conflict occurs because the Points/Promo setup messes with GStatus (Gift State).

There are a couple of ways to overcome this:

  • redesign the Points system to not use GStatus
  • add more constraints to the VIP setup

Personally, I would change the Points setup. You should not be messing with default installed State flows.

The constraints required in VIP setup need to accomodate for GStatus States other than <blank> or Gift, and with other implementations installed (i.e. Points where GStatus is being flipped to Promotion), this becomes unpredictable. In any Case, you would need to add the following to VIP setup to deal with the Points:

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changed it … nothing

When you say to change the Point Setup ?

The Points system uses the Action named Update Order Gift State, and switches the GStatus State to Promotion. I do not know what the purpose of that State Update is for, but the key is to avoid this. GStatus should only ever be blank or Gift.

So you could clone that Action, and have it update a different State, for example, PromoStatus.

Then in your Rule where you have the Action for Update Order Gift Status, remove that action, and replace it with your new Action.

I still do not understand the purpose of updating the GStatus State. There must be more to the Tutorial… I will need to take a look at it.

EDIT: ok, according to Emre, the reason for the GStatus State update is this:

But the valid States for Cancel Gift Automation Command is only Gift. I still do not understand the purpose of this update. Now my guess is that it is for a mix of Gift and Void commands. They are tied together and both use GStatus. They are enabled when the State is blank and the Tutorial is trying to avoid this by setting a value.

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Ok, try this:

Leave the Promo/Points Rules and actions as defined in the Tutorial.

Change the constraint in this VIP Rule:

Sorru but nothing …
I’m trying to figure how to change the whole point system

Sorry, look up, I edited the screenshot - it is different.

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i saw it … nothing

Maybe @emre has a solution …

QMcKay is probably the best expert to talk to with regard to these type of setups. I doubt Emre is going to provide you a magic answer. You are doing something wrong or you need to study it more so you can configure it how you like.


@QMcKay i redesign all Points System with order state Promotion instead GStatus but is not working …

I implemented the Points Tutorial completely exactly as per Emre’s instructions.

I have not made any changes or additions to VIP.

I am not experiencing the issues you are seeing. There must be something else messing it up for you.

Show your Rules, with Actions expanded for the event of Order State Updated for Rules prefixed with CD.

Happy New Year everyone …
I hope 2016 be pretty special for all of us …

As @QMcKay suggest I delete everything for VIP, HH, and Points and I import settings via Database tools …
The conflict is still there …

Do the tutorial instead of import. It’s always a best practice to do tutorial if you run into issues with a import file.

First i did it then I imported … same thing