Prompt Addresses from google map while adding customer addresses

First of all I would like to congratulate SambaPOS for developing such an amazing POS. Love each and every feature offered by the platform and the support available from the support team and sambaPOS club members. However I would like to enquire Team SambaPOS regarding a feature which will prompt addresses of customers in drop down format while adding their addresses. This feature will help us in reducing human errors while typing the address manually as while taking orders over phone from the customers, the addresses which they dictate are not clear due to network congestion and other adjacent noises and sounds. The feature which we want to achieve is very much similar to the screenshot attached below:-

Please guide us regarding how we can achieve this feature so that we can our restaurant in a more effective manner without any scope of human error.
Thank You

What Google service is that? Google maps api doesn’t return lists of full addresses last time I checked, a postal code resolved to the area address usually street or village downwards, didnt offer a list or details above street/area level.

It’s part of the maps API.

Yes this is a google map API feature but is there any way to implement in SambaPOS? Is there any additional integration required?

Without samba dev involvement the only way I can picture that would be live search like image would possibility would be maybe a html message/popup but not sure about getting data back to damba automation.
Simplest solution I could think of for that without official intergration would be html popup to local Web service which updates the related entity or whatever via samba api.
For a enter and search posibly could just do scripts and list matches as ask question buttons using a script.