Prompt for print bill after pay, Its posible?

This is only an example .If possible have that option would be very good. If you can not no problem, I understand. And I’m just happy. Thanks!!! :grinning:

Use the search function of forum look up ask question action. This has been asked and answered multiple times even recently.

Greetings and thanks for answering so fast. I have not found anything related to that. I used several words and is getting me nowhere. If you could give me the right words I really appreciate it. Thanks again. :sunglasses:

Ok I do it all steps. After payment Prompt me ‘’ print receipt’’ and ‘‘yes’’ button print the bill but the ‘‘no’’ button prints too. How I say ‘‘no’’ button close the screen.

Add constraint command value equal yes

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We would need to see your configuration…

In my case I have Command Value on Yes to Print Bill and on NO it’ll just open the drawer…