[?PROMPT] weirdness

I just noticed something a little strange with the PROMPT functionality…

If I use this, it works perfectly…


If I use this, it doesn’t treat my mask as a mask, instead it treats the mask as the default value…


HINT: The only difference is the . after the 1 in the prompt section.

Not something that will probably bother most people, but I didn’t see any documentation saying the . was a restricted character in a prompt, so thought I should mention it here.

There are restricted characters throughout the entire program and has been mentioned with masks specifically several times. Colon was one as well.

It’s not an issue it’s a feature and we have had to be very creative to get around it in the past.

You can try escaping it.

Yeah I know, but this is not even in the mask section. This is just the display text.

I just think that for some things like this it would be worth having on a list of things to fix for a future version (since the dot insn’t actually intended to do something in particular when used it the prompt, so if it doesn’t have a feature based use it would be good for it to be available for general use).

The thing is he can’t just fix it. We have had these discussions and it is reserved for a reason. I’m not going to dig up the conversations we had in the past about it you are welcome to try and search them but basically he can’t just fix it.

The dot is used for features one in particular is order tags which I use extensively.