Question about Caller Id PopUp

dear @emre,
Why PopUp Caller ID displays the date and time only in the case of an existing client is calling?
Is it possible to get him to show the date and time on every incoming call?

Because detail format becomes active when it matches to an entity. Maybe we can improve that by adding an additional format for non existing entities but first I need to know why you need to see date and time there…

Thank you @emre,
To be honest I thought it was there and maybe I’m doing something wrong, I’m not sure it’s Something that worth to spend your time, In fact it is not very important,
but it helps me realize how much we missed call and when, and by this I make a decision about the time of opening and closing of the place at the time of the year.
For example, in winter on a weekday we will be closing at 02: 00, but when I see the number of calls exceeds then I update the opening hours that stay open until dawn.

Thank you very much for detailed info. I’ve asked to understand if we should hardcode date time or offer alternative template but hardcoding date time to display date time without need of {DATE} tag seems better.

I strongly agree in this case, but sometimes it can be useful elsewhere have the option to add time and date
Without being dependent on an existing entity
Thank you so much and I apologize that I am wasting your time on this :blush:

Hi Emre,

Another useful feature would be to have call logging. Basically, a log file which keeps a record of all the calls that was received by the the caller ID pop up. The log file would have: Date, time of call received and customer details etc… this would be really useful.


I don’t have Caller ID, so I don’t know the details of the setup, but I was just thinking that if this property editor could have a field for executing an Automation Command with the [:CommandValue] being the parsed phone number, that might be a solution for a lot of needs, including writing to a log file (there is an Action for this already), because you could capture the command with a Rule and apply any type of Action from there.

Does that sound do-able @emre?

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You can write to a log file when a automation command is used, see:

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That’s exactly what I’m saying @Isaac. There must be an Event for CallerID… is this not it?


Does this implemented on 4.1.82?