Question about customers and customer account

Sorry to bump this, but having enabled all of this yesterday thanks to @RickH and scrawled above when I go to the payment screen, the button is always greyed out. All of my settings above seem to be correct bit still nothing. Any ideas?


We need to see your setting to know what’s wrong. But do you have type set to default for customer account type?

Also you created the account for the customer?

both of those yes, ill add some screen shots now from my phone hold on…:

So you went to your entity screen selected edit customer and added an account?

yeah i have about 8 accounts i made for tabs on the bar, ill show you I just had a customer so 2 secs:

You have not shown any customer accounts yet?

hmm, ok this may be where im going wrong then? how do I attach a customer with an account?

In your entity screen like you just showed. Click edit customer and then add an account. You do not have to actually make the accounts manually. It will create them for you. So delete any accounts you made and let the Entity Screen create them. Do NOT delete the Account Type you need that.

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Ok, I saw that option, I deleted the accounts and now it wont let me ‘create account’ it seems to be greyed out now?

Ignore that, it allowed me to once I logged out!

for the record I didn’t have the privilege to create accounts on my POS account. Thats now been addressed! :slight_smile:

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Brilliant thanks, I now have that all set up. I want to limit everyone to £20 but I sort of see that emra already answered that question somewhere so ill dig that up! :slight_smile:

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