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I have just one simple quick question:

If I will use 5 terminals…2 for the bar only, and other 3 for the tables(here the customer can order food (kitchen) plus order drinks, wines from the bar), I will need to create 5 separate till’s ? Because in the end I want only to have one DB, the one from the server, and all the data should go only in that DB… Can you give me another idea ? Or…?


Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts
Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts

Depends on what you mean by this.
If you mean defining terminal name, it depends on if you want to be able to constrain rules or buttons to show or not show on specific terminals.
If all tills are going to have exact same layout and options then you would only need terminal x1 in theory but probably good ideal to make 5 terminals so you can define options between them.

Yes you would have one machine which will run the SQL database, the terminals will just have samba without a database and link (via network) to the server machine and the database it hosts.

Not quite sure what you expect for another idea? that is the way it works, ‘server’ machine with database and ‘client machines’ with samba installed and linked into the one database.


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It’s exactly how I imagine it…A server with samba pos and SQL. And all the other 5 till’s to have the link to the SQL. Sorry, I have to finish this project ASAP, and I panicked.


For than kind of number of units a headless type proper higher spec server would probably be preferred to ensure it can take the increase database queries.


It’s a £700 server, with a 2x500GB mirror SSD, 8GB of ram, and a 500 GB for backup, plus a powerful CPU. :smiley:


Hmmm, not sure it will be enough :stuck_out_tongue:
500GB SSD Mirror, wow, no expense spared!


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Did you received the answer you expected? It is not clear what you’re asking for.


For now yes. Thanks. I told you guys, I am in panic, I need to finish this project, and I ask stupid questions.


OK great. Don’t panic. We’ll be here when you need :slight_smile:


From your experience, do you think that this it’s not enough ? Because all the till’s will have 4GB of ram, and a 2.3 GHz processor. With x64 bit Win 7 Professional. And the a gigabit switch. To you think that the server will not handle it (win Server 2008 R2)?


He’s joking lol. Seems like your hardware configuration impressed him.


I was be sarcastic :slight_smile: the 500GB SSD Raid is impressive, TBH probably overkill if its just for Samba SQL - capacity wise anyway but better to have and not need than need and not have.