Question about transaction order

SambaPOS transaction order can create a new window for only the ticket that not already paid?

Not quite sure I understand what your asking.

sorry about my grammar… our business need other window of sambaPOS for transaction viewing only to the other monitor… we are using extending multiple monitor… using only excel microsoft for the record of unpaid transaction to the other monitor… tired of transfering unpaid transaction from samba ticket list to excel for viewing purposes to the other monitor

sorry for my grammar… please if you have a better idea if you get my point… thanks for the information God Bless

You can create a custom Entity Screen and use a Ticket Lister to show only Unpaid Tickets. You could also use the Ticket Explorer widget and set it to only show unpaid tickets. This can be mapped to a specific department for a specific user which would make only that screen come up for that terminal.

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