Question: Custom report - calculation based on

Okay so i have a seemingly unique request. Each day i distribute a certain amount of money called "Fuel Expense’’ to my delivery guys - based on a calculation system that is run independently of SambaPos. This happens at the end of each work period. This amount currently is not entered in Samba Pos.

Now just for monitoring purposes i want there to be a record of the amount that i’ve hand out each night, and have it link up with my statistics for the day, say number of orders received in the delivery department.

I was wondering if there’s a possibility of being prompted to enter an amount “X” at the end of each work period? And then Samba doing calculations based on this amount and work period stats, and ensuring that those are saved in the End of day file?

Use Accounts (with or without attached Entities) to track this. This should really be no different than any expense account setup.

Using Event Workperiod Ending, fire Action for Create Account Transaction Document and [?input prompt] to enter value(s) for the Account(s).

Build your reconciliation using SQL or Custom Reports.

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