Question on Licenses when Moving to Another Computer

I already purchase the license for V5. I have been developing Samba V5 on my personal laptop for a bar. I am almost ready to move it to the computer in the bar.

I understand how to install and copy the database. My question is I would like to have a copy on my personal laptop to investigate issues or develop new functionality for the bar’s POS. Do I need to have 2 licenses for this?


I believe you don’t need to (Assuming that you’re only using the database copy for testing and investigation). That’s what I did anyway( I made a backup and add/configures stuffs at home then restore them at restaurant in the next morning)

No, you only need a license for your system in the bar. One license works for entire database so you can add as many other systems under the same license.

When you use on your laptop for testing / development, you can just use in trial mode. It will work without any restrictions until you get to 500 tickets, then will display a message when creating new tickets. However for development and testing you can just delete your old transactions on your laptop to bring it under 500 tickets.

Currently the license has been setup on my laptop. Is there anything I need to do to ensure the license once I transfer it is tied the the bar computer?

As you activated on your laptop, you will first need to clear your license key on before you will be able to activate on the bar computer. Go to, login and click My Products. Click on the “I’ve changed my Database. Clear license keys.” button, then attempt activation on your bar computer.

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