Question regarding Tax setup

I currently use a tax template to add taxes to our products and I have a Tax Exempt button to remove tax when it is not needed. This works great. I would like to see if this can be automated.

State of Illinois(USA) does not charge tax on alcoholic beverages if a customer does not purchase food. When a customer purchases food and alcoholic beverage tax is charged to entire ticket.

Scenario 1.

Tax Exempt Ticket because no food is sold on this Ticket

1 Miller Light
1 Corona

Scenario 2:

Tax is applied to entire ticket including alcohol

  1. Miller Light
  2. Corona
  3. Sandwich or food of any kind.

Is this possible or should I stick with removing the Tax using Tax Exempt button.

Thank you in advance.

Of course we should automate this :slight_smile:

I have two questions.

  • What will happen if ticket contains only food?
  • What is your taxing scheme? I mean do you have product specific tax rates or do you apply multiple taxes to a product.


*Ticket with food only gets taxed at 8%.
*Taxing scheme is 8% for all products. If a ticket has a food item, all ticket items(food and alcohol) is taxed at 8%.

It is a stupid law. :slight_smile:

Law’s intend is to make faster alcohol transactions. All bar prices are set to whole dollars, it is simple to add and provide change in the bar.

1 Beer is $4 and there is no tax. Removing tax avoids having a decimal number.

Thank you again.

So there is a tax… its just included in price to make it a whole amount? Or does the State actually not demand tax for alcohol unless food is sold?

EDIT: Wow weird State law lol. Although in Arkansas we have several weird laws too.