Questions on mobile client

is there a demo version to try the mobile client with its own database?
how do you select products and then insert a tag, eg order of travel?
is it possible to execute only one print job?

Yes there is demo just download it and try it out.

Login with 1234 don’t do any setup. You choose which point job it uses.

I meant, with a personal configuration, I have a lot of ticket tags and a lot of order tags, I wanted to see how I viewed them.

No there is not a demo that works with your database.

Can you tell me the steps to see the mobile client demo. when i tried on my phone after i install the app, i am not able to key in userid. i don’t setup any config. please advise. if possible send me screenshots. Thanks

As far as I understand it is in demo when downloaded with a pin of 1234.

you mean no need to type 1234 ? can i see the menu & items? After i install the app , when i open , i am not able to keyin Password. tried in 3 mobiles . once i setup the config with valid license then the password is enabled. but i want check first the device before i buy

I have not set anything in the app on my phone and this is what I get

I don’t see the text below login. Instead of seeing cross symbol box and some enter icon. i use this link to download.


Minimise your keyboard…

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I see the below image when i first install and open the app. when i touch the password box no keyboard enabled.mobilclienr-images-en-01

Sounds like a phone issue.

I tried 3 mobiles. when first time i open this app after i install, the screen shows like this not like the one you send.

You say first time? Is it different after cooled and opened after first time?

i close and open many times . seems same

Its ok. After i setup the config with license, its working. any way i clear my license keys for next device. Thanks

The english link to the guide is in turkish …