Quick query, extra modifiers


I just found something in the permissions in user roles about extra modifiers but can’t find what this is, can someone please expand?


In the User role you can set permissions what a user can and cannot do.

For example if the Waiter login, he don’t get the Navigation page.

The below sample for the Cashier, he can enter the navigation screen but restricted.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply! I can see the permissions but my question was more about the can update extra modifiers button?

You can create a separate order tag group with free tagging enabled and map that order tag group to specific user roles.


Thanks Emre :smile:
I have one more question, we want to do some backups, are all the settings for management and table layouts in the database?

Sorry Emre to bump :slight_smile:

@Alex1 Yes, :smile:
Pretty much everything that isn’t in the local settings page is part of the database.

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If you want to see what is in the database then simply open MSSMS and look at the tables. But yes everything other than local settings are stored in the database.

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Thanks again guys! Just wanted to make sure :wink:

Have a great weekend!