Quick Service/Tables: Food/Retail Setup - Advanced Refunds | Aborts | NonTax Functions


EDIT: Updated Screenshots
EDIT: Updated for Simplicity Several Visual Changes and Structure of POS Screen Was Simplified

Here is my database. With the help of the forum and reading all of the information I could I present you a running build of my Quick Service Food and Retail setup. Test and enjoy.

The business this is being built for is based in the USA so some of the operational flow has been designed to operate closely to American restaurant and retail practices.

Reminder: this is fully functional and can be deployed however,it is HEAVILY modified from stock SambaPOS do NOT attempt to use this in a live setting until your familiar with how it operates and sure it will fit your needs.

The accounting is especially interesting it has several accounting systems running in this database to support Abort, Refund, NonTax transactions.

I thought I would share this because I have included some advanced features you may learn from. Some functions will change slightly for easier and more understandable flow with upcoming version changes. I will update this file to include those changes with future SambaPOS version upgrades.

You will need SambaPOS version 4.1.55
This is a SQL Express 2014 Database
Admin password =1234
Employee password =4321

NOTE: If you log in as Employee it will prompt the Time Clock feature of this database. This will NOT work unless you follow my TimeTrex integration tutorial. You can still explore the SambaPOS setup it just will not record any punches or do any TimeClock activity. You will see an error that it could not find a file it is ok to just ignore that error.

SambaPOS4_Full.zip (600.7 KB)

You will need to edit your local settings depending on how you restore this backup.


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Hi, i dont suppose you finished that tutorial you were working on to make this work in server 2014? I downloaded the sql server 2014 but dont know how to switch to it to make your database work??


Rick I was going to. but to make a step by step tutorial would be VERY intensive. And it would more than likely confuse several people requiring me to answer a lot of questions. So I went with this instead.

I think the export file works now. I will provide you that in a PM.


Brill thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Updated the database to fix a few issues I noticed last night.

EDIT: Just updated it so it works with 4.1.52


Cool could you send the database tools file again please :slight_smile:


@RickH since you have the database uou can install it somewhere and export needed functions for your setup.


I will be updating it again soon to include the enhanced Refund System. Just need to work out a few rule setups and finish up some formatting.


Brill cheers!! Much better refund system than my naff attempt lol. Im using mine for retail too so your setup is brill

Thanks again, look forward to the update :slight_smile:


@RickH Some of the functions will change when I do update it. I am switching from using Automation Command buttons for my Switch Screen implementation to using Departments. This gives me better placement of the buttons and higher level of user control for who can see/use them.

It adds a different level of complexity when designing your system but it also allows a more customized view/usage Because now I can customize buttons based on terminal by using departments.



Cool, its looking good!


Updated! Has new rebuilt Refund system and Department Buttons. Also prints specific receipts for Refunds, Non Tax, Aborts, Got a few other goodies in it.

Few reminders with latest Db

  1. You MUST be in Refund department to do refunds the buttons will not even show up if you are not.
  2. You MUST be in Restaurant to perform sales it will not let you perform any in the other departments.

I am still tweaking it and it is nearing perfection. Let me know if you get any ideas or would like to see something implemented.

EDIT: Non Tax Refunds are not working 100% yet. I am working on them now. I realized when refunding Non Tax it is adding a tax back in. I need to create a new Ticket Type for Non Tax Refunds and build it out from that. Hopefully I will finish this tonight.


Per Item Refunds now supported!!!


Updated the file. It now has full working Non Tax returns. Next update will have some formatting and few visual tweaks.

Next update will contain:

-Tweaked Ticket Status for the Refund system. 
-More advanced printer templates to support the advanced refund system
-More cohesive Order Tags to support the advanced Refund system.
-More cohesive Ticket Tags on tickets.  
-More organized Rule/Action naming for consistency
-Tweaked permissions/mappings for more control over the advanced features of returns/aborts

Following those changes I will be releasing the following changes as well:

-Revamped Non Tax system instead of using a Non Tax Payment I will be using a Non Tax mode that can be toggled on and off in middle of a transaction.  This will allow you to mix and match items that are taxed and non taxed in the same transaction.   **NOTE** This is a specific setup that is very common in the USA for Retail 


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions you would like to see let me know. I am building this to push the limits of SambaPOS I am building it for my business but I am also pushing Samba as hard as I can to see what I can do with it. Any ideas I feel worth exploring I will.


Hello @kendash,

There is some problem with the programe interface. we cannot Click MAIN MENU button to return to configuration screen because Refund and Abort button in same position.


@emre I may have found an issue you did not anticipate :stuck_out_tongue: Most people probably would not have as many department buttons hahaThat may be a resolution scaling issue. I have a 30" Widescreen monitor My buttons barely take up half of the screen space. So its not an issue for me. @emre may need to look into the button scaling.

EDIT: OK I renamed Refund and Aborts Ticket to just Aborts Ticket and it reduced the button size… btw I realized I already had a Refunds button and it had a ticket explorer so I would not need Refunds and Aborts Tickets button. From what I can tell the buttons scale with how many words… and EVERY button scales to same size… so if you have a really long named button then EVERY button will scale to that same size taking up too much room.

In short try renaming Refunds and Abort Tickets department to just Abort Tickets. Those two buttons do not really do much yet because the Ticket Explorers cannot be locked in a filter state yet.

EDIT: Uploading the new file with the renamed Button now

EDIT: Updated the link with the fixed DB


Updated the formatting. Tweaked reports a little. and fixed a few issues I noticed. New file is linked

Main change was with how Tips were calculated… I realized I did not need multiple calculators… I could use 1 and use mapping/processors for what I was doing.


I have had a few people ask for the Database Tools file. At this point I have customized so much of SambaPOS that the Database Tools file will not work. The customizations I have done with mapping, departments and other various things prevents Database Tools from importing and it functioning correctly.

Database Tools file is great for smaller more focused Rule/Action implementations but a major overhaul like what I am attempting it just would cause more problems.

What I recommend is just looking at the database and learn from some of the ways I accomplished different setups… and then try to implement it in your own way into yours. Or if you like the basic design you could use my database entirely and just modify it to your taste.

You will find that 99.9% of what I have done is explained in various tutorials/forum posts from many other users. Some of it is not but I got the understanding to do almost everything from the forums especially the Tutorials.


on your latest update the re-open settled ticket button has gone so you cant perform a refund?

EDIT: nevermind, i found it in the refund screen