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Uninstalled re-installed and all ok, thanks everyone. Well done to kendash! I love every feature! Can’t wait for the new version 2 arrive :smiley:


What happened is you restored an older database version into a newer Samba Version. To fix this you should either have the option to migrate after restoration enabled or you have to reinstall Samba and it will auto migrate.


Just as a spoiler my new one runs a lot smoother and leaner. It accomplishes almost everything you see in this database but without all the departments and its less clunky.


@kendash appreciate for quick reply as I setup menu, coupons,gift certifiactes and loyalty need kitchen monitor and some of missing design as I know u r the better than me so I wanted to use u r frame but I will wait until v5 and if u share the work that would be awesome and very thankful to u thanks have a nice day


Is it possible to close the ticket without selecting a customer. If I don’t select a customer or table and take payment I am unable to clear the kitchen display of that order. Also when a order is ready from the kitchen should the To Go Tickets or Tables change color. How do waiters etc know the order is ready from Kitchen?


That is by design, you cannot close a ticket without a customer, table OR ticket tag assigned. We recently discovered tickets can be closed when a ticket tag is assigned, i used this for a bar tab setup and a suspended sale setuo so i didnt need to create customer entities to close tickets and “park” sales

@kendash will need to help with your other questions as this is an old version of his database an i dont know how things have been setup



I installed MS SQL Server 2014 Express, SambaPOS 4.1.55, and then I restore the database file that I downloaded from the top of the topic list. When I load SambaPOS and try to login, I keep getting error “Check Database Version”. What step did I miss or do incorrectly?



The database and samba version do not match so only one of them is version 4.1.55

Sound like the databse isnt 4.1.55


Reinstall samba after restore then start it.


Okay. This is frustrating. The steps are simple but I still can’t get it to work.
I did what you suggested but it is still giving me the “Database Check Version” error.

I installed SQL Server 2014 Express. The screen shows my SQL Server version.

I installed SambaPOS_4.1.55.

I downloaded the database file at the top of this post. The filename of the database is SAMBAPOS4_Full.zip

Is everything correct? If so, how come it is giving me the “Database Check Version” error. Is the database file I downloaded correct? There is only one link to the database file, correct?



I mean install 4.1.82 btw I was still young in my experience with samba when I wrote that. I now feel it was sloppy but you can learn a lot about states.


Okay. Thank you. It’s working now.


i am using for setup for a friend retail pos…wanted to know whther the details reports has been built for stock and accounts basically.

can share thanks


I actually do not use this setup anymore I am using something much more advanced with V5 now. I will share it once v5 goes live.


interesting so no custom reports had been set

any export file?


I did have them but I redid them all with v5. I no longer have that setup. I do recommend looking here though it gives you very good details on how to use Custom Reports.


There are several examples of use as well throughout the forum.


my basic concern was the stock handling and and the accounts

as you have mentioned the stock has been handled differently


I handle stock differently yes. The main difference is its not a consumable good so it needs to be tracked per item and refunds etc should reflect in inventory.


that’s y was wondering if could get the custom report for that


In the pre build database that I downloaded, in the To Go Tickets (UNPAID) Entity Screen Mapping, no department has been selected. How has this been done. Whenever I go to add a mappings I have to select an option from the dropdown. There is no blank option.