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This happened because the pre-built DB contains a department ID that is not present on your system. This is the chance you take with using prebuilt databases.

In your case, you should delete the mapping with the blank Department; if you do not, you may get unpredictable results.


Ok Thanks. I wasn’t sure if this was deliberate or not.
I’ll plod on with trying to create my own setup using this database as my template.
When you are new to this as I am and things don’t always work as expected you start thinking - “is it because I have an asterisk in the department field” and the example doesn’t :anguished:


i need help getting this file in , i downloaded above file how to i get it restored ,i upgraded to sql express2014.
can some one tell me what r the steps . when i do retore from zip i get all kind of errors ,i am on latast samba pos4 .
my goal is to get a basic system up for quickserve ice cream store no tables with a kitchen monitor printer ,i have tried building from scratch but i keep getting lost i get menue products up drawer to open etc but all the print rules etc refund gets me lost . i like above sample file and i want to try to install that and maybe make changes to it .


You should start by letting us know what the roots your getting are?
Hard to tell you what you need to do without more info!!!


i downloaded above file it is ziped
i tried using the button in samba pos restore from zip
i got error that version is wrong sql i had 2012 ,so i upgraded to 2014 ,
i tried again i got permission error ,so i moved file out of user directory to root .
it did not work then i poked around and screwed my database . so i reinstalled sql .
currently i get this error when i restore from zip


What options do you have ticked on the backup settings page?



thx for trying to help i have been at this all day


The system cannot find the path specified.

The answer is there in the error message.

Place your MDF and LDF files in the proper place.


i thought proper place is c/program files /microsoft sql server/mssql12.sambapos4/mssql/data


soory i have been trying for last 7 hours to load above sample zip file for quick serve register . i backed up my register and wanted to try above one as it is almost complete .my am lost at this point here is what is in my data folder i dont know what to do at this point



the 2 files are there .the file i downloaded from top of this post is a zip file when u unzip it it is samba. back folder so there is no mdf and ldf file to download . and my own ldf mdf is located there . i dont get it ,im trying to restore a .back file how do i do that ?


If you want to retain your own DB, you will need to restore the BAK file to a different database.

Database Backup Module will not alllow you to specify the DB for restoration. You will need to use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).

Under Tasks you will find an option for Restore. The dialog that appears allows you to select a BAK file as a Device, and you can change the name of the DB to restore to.


Enable overwrite option and enable migrate option then load backup from zip


that worked i was doing it in the wrong place all afternoon .so now when i start samba pos and try to log in 1234 i get this error check database version 69 .app 78 ?


i take it i have to re install samba pos?


Yes reinstall and it will migrate the db


yes i did it is up , i only wasted all day on this task it took me less than 10 minutes thanks to u respond . i’m looking forward to try this , i created my own pos i had menue up and kick code fro drawer printer ,then i was not able to find tutorials to continue on ,i’m hoping this image here will work for us i understand i will need to modify few things hope it will be easier then my own build . thx


i got this up and running ,but keeps prompting me to activate module .now i had activated and bought the modules on my database .after loading this database it keeps asking to activate so i log into samba market and hit activate but it will not take any idea why ???


You must log in to samba market.com and choose clear license keys first. It is designed so you can only activate on one database at a time. To activate on two different databases at the same time you must purchase a second license.