Quick Service/Tables: Food/Retail Setup - Advanced Refunds | Aborts | NonTax Functions


I mapped it so you HAVE to be in refund department to do refunds.


If your in admin you don’t see the benefit of department mapping until you see how nice and controlled the setup is with non admin login who does not have access to main menu.

It flows really well for the employees


Only selected supervisors will have access to refunds department. Normal employees won’t. This department mapping allows me to have supervisors that can do returns without access to main menu.


Updated the screenshots and changed the file to the most recent version.


Hi @kendash,
I try to add Dine In screen to your pre build database. I have problem when I close ticket, it will not go back to table view. I will show your quick service new order screen. I have to click Dine-In department again to go to table view.

Could you add Dine-In screen to your pre-build please? Anyone can disable/delete any screen/department they not use.

Thank you,


Thing is… I am not using Tables. So I have no use for a Dine In Table view. All of my orders happen at a counter including Order Taking for Dine In the customers pick their food up at the counter as well when we call the ticket#.

You must understand I am using Departments in a method other than originally planned for them. However to get it working you would do the following:

Create Department : Dine In Set ticket type to Sales Ticket and Ticket Creation Method as Select Entity.

Then go to your Tables Screen and set the mapping and map Dine In department for Tables Screen. Do not Map Restaraunt like shown that was just example to show you mapping screen.

Now log out and back in and it will work.

PS: I have made A LOT of changes since the last update of this Database… I will be uploading a new version with all of the changes soon. I am hoping that in the future we will have an alternative to Department Buttons for what I am using them for.


Updated to my latest DB version. This version is streamlined for simplicity. I disabled the Non Tax button. The button is still available its just not mapped this was for Retail implementation. If you want a Non Tax payment system then just remap the button.

Operations Dashboard is not working it is just there for testing right now. I have not finished my reports yet.

Couple notes about the function of it.

  1. Open Drawer button is only available BEFORE ticket is created. I did not want an Open Drawer button to be used in middle of transactions.

  2. Abort Transaction is ONLY available for orders BEFORE submitted and only shows when items are added to ticket.

  3. Everything runs through the Department buttons. If you want to Refund an Item or entire Ticket you go to Refund Department and Scan receipt or enter TR# which is on the Receipt. The Ticket Explorer is there just to view already refunded tickets I want all refund activity to be done with Receipt… if customer has no receipt then Me or My manager can perform the lookup. If you do NOT go to Refund Department it will not let you reopen a ticket.

  4. You will notice that I created a specific flow for operations. For example: You cannot ring up items in Refund department. The only Department that lets you ring up items is POS Screen.

  5. Refunds, Aborts, Non Tax all run through their own accounting and are fully tracked. A refund in this Database is a true refund reverse transaction even down to item level.

  6. Accounting was designed to show gross sales vs Net sales… so when you run refund transactions it does not deduct it from sales. Sales stay as gross sales. Reports will show the Net Sales.


I am designing this system so it can work as a default system for most people. I am slowly getting closer and closer to this state. I am hoping eventually It will be modular enough you can enable and disable specific features of it as you wish. Example if you do not like doing refunds you will be able to disable this and Samba will work just fine. Same thing with Non Tax transactions etc.

I did most of this without modifying a ton of default rules/actions. I did delete most of the Tables portion unfortunately because I want this specific to Quick Service. However I think I will re-enable Tables and build this so I can just disable tables instead of taking it out completely.


@kendash Thanks for the share. Got the following error trying to restore your backup:

Are you using version 2014 ?

UPDATE: I Got my answer in your original post :blush:
Very cool color scheme. Only problem for me so far is the layout of the buttons at the bottom ( i cannot access the Main menu button as a result ) . What do i have to adjust so that all buttons are accessible/Visible. You obviously designed it specifically for your 30" Widescreen Display, or is this an issue with Sambapos not being able to resize the screen elements @emre ? Most users may have a 15.6". In any case, scaling of screen elements if not done well can adversely affect usability, especially for touch devices


Yes I am running 2014


I designed it on a 30’ widescreen. Just rename the departments to shorter names. He has done some tweaks but yes the Department buttons do not resize yet. I have brought this to his attention. I will be reworking it for smaller screens but right now I have no need to. My screen size in the restaraunt will be 24" widescreens and I have tested it on those as well. But yes anything smaller than 20" Widescreen the buttons do not fit.

Obviously if he makes the buttons scale it would fix the issue. Most users will not use departments the way I am… and he may be designing something different for how I am using them.

Rename To Go Tickets (Unpaid) Department to just To Go should fix it for you

You could also just delete the Sales Tickets and Aborts Tickets button and just use the Ticket Explorer from main menu. I just like having predefined tabs for quick view of ticket types presorted.

BTW here is the screen on my monitor :stuck_out_tongue: I love having room haha


Makes sense. I will try that. Very roomy indeed :slight_smile: Enough to fit two standard Sambapos screens side by side. I’ve seen tutorial about using Sambapos on ios devices (especially iphone) via RDP. Have you ever tried? Is that even usable?


I have not tried it on IOS device yet… but I have tried it on a MS Surface 2. which is also Widescreen. It works great. Its not so much the screensize that makes the difference… it seems to be the widescreen portion of it. I do need to tweak the zoom of a couple custom entity screens however. It is too small on the smaller screen. I will probably do that in next few days and upload a new version.

I have tried it on my Nokia Icon windows phone… and it is usable. Although I do not think I could use a device smaller than 8" for this. Its just too frustrating even in RDP mode. Even the default SambaPOS setup is too dang small on anything less than 8" I am not a fan of zooming either.

If I were to equip my employees with mobile pos solutions I would probably look at some 10" or 12" windows tablets that can run the native SambaPOS without RPD via windows 8.1.


Indeed. When designing user interfaces for an optimal user experience, its been said that mobile should come first, and is a better design philosophy for current times, and for future proofing one’s software. I believe HP ( and Lenovo) has some solid Windows Tablets.


@kendash Do i have to actually delete a department in order to remove it’s button from the bottom of the screen?


Yes Those buttons are hard coded with departments.


I realized that after i tested by adding a new department called dine. My project requires both tabs ( via tables or customers) and quick payments.


You could quickly implement tables into my database… Its designed to work with them. I just took it out because I didnt need them. None of my rules mess with Table Flow that I could tell. I originally was using command buttons from POS screen to switch to the various Entity Screens… but Departments made the flow A lot easier and separated it out of the POS screen which I prefer. I can also restrict user access to the Department buttons which I also preferred.


I suppose we will find out soon enough :smiley:


You will need to merge table system from a stock Samba DB I took out most of the rules dealing with tables. I didnt modify them I just took them out.