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No I disabled those functions because I do not use them. You can build them back in it should work just fine. The Tax portion of both sales and refunds is handled by a tax template so you can fix that easily too.

Can you tell me what you mean by Service Change?


Sorry, i meant Service Charge. The Business is a Sports Bar & Grill. Service change is only applied if the customer dined in, so i use a button on the payment screen to apply it when the customer requests the bill for payment, if they dined in ( So e.g. a customer could run a drinks only tab all day & night and not pay service charge) Service change is calculated as a percentage of the “pre tax price” of the product. @emre provided me with a script results = (Ticket.PSum + Ticket.PreSum - Ticket.Tax)*0.8 to calculate 8% Service Charge via custom calculation method because my products advertised prices already includes the gov’t tax (VAT). Will merging this into your DB have any undesirable outcomes ( especially on the refund side)?

Update: @kendash how can i get kitchen printer working again on close? Currently on closing it prints a bill…


I will look at it. I’m out of town right now


Sorry I am back. Hmm odd mine prints to kitchen… Remember I am using states for printing… so if you added tables back in you would need to use states for the print function as well. I did not get much done today I was out of town all day for the most part.

You might study how I (with @emre’s help) designed my printing and try to replicate it for your tables.


Ok I have a solution. make these custom constraints on the Print Customer Receipt rule.

I added {TICKET STATE:Status}EqualsPaid

Also noticed something I missed as well when looking at this for you. You need to add these Custom Constraints into the Ticket Closing rule.


Sorry for this. I will update the database file tonight when I am done cleaning it up. I am not hooked to actual printers yet so I did not do much testing on the printing other than notepad. I am going through it now cleaning it up making sure I got my constraints all set right.


To answer your question about the calculation. You may need to do some accounting work but it should work just fine. Decide if you want to refund that service charge or not… if you do want to refund it you can just run it in your refund transactions.

I have calculations in mine too for tips specifically tips on change amount. I choose not to refund tips atm. But I plan to integrate an ask question to determine if tip is refunded or not.


Due to popular demand I have enabled Tables in my Database and updated the file accordingly. I also went through and ensured all default stock samba settings/rules were unaffected. Let me know If any strange behavior or if I missed something for those of you that use tables.

Couple notes if you want to disable tables and use as Quick Service only just delete the Tables Department, Unmap Tables Screen, take Tables Entity Type out of Sales Ticket Ticket Type.

EDIT: Already spotted one problem. I need to enable Print Bill button again.

EDIT: Ok everything should be correct. Tables should function just fine now. I tested every part of my Database including refunds etc. Let me know if you guys notice anything strange but default table setup is now included.

EDIT: Ok in testing I found one more small thing. Had to remap some rules to work with Tables Department. Uploading database now with fix. ** NEW DATABASE IS UPLOADED **


I am now working on what I promised earlier which was more streamlined Action/Rule naming and reducing the # of actions down via using more generic Variable triggered actions.


@kendash Can you please explain to me what exactly is going on these two screens above? Thanks



The first transaction is creating a Refund Transaction that Debits Refunds Accounts and Credits RefunD receivables… it mirrors sales but it is specifically for Refund Tickets not sales.

The second transaction is basically refunding the Tax Paid by Creating a new tax and crediting it to the Tax Accounts which reverses the tax from the original Sales Ticket

Maybe you should share with me the reason your investigating this and I can give you a better picture of how my system is designed to work.

EDIT: I may be wrong but I have a hunch your trying to figure out why Sales does not decrease after a return?


Im just trying to implement my local tax ( 10% VAT - INCLUDED IN PRODUCT PRICE) into your refunds system


Ah I see. Are you using a Tax Template for that tax? If you are not then the approach you would take would need to be different My taxes were built around Tax Templates and Transactions to run those. Yours is tax included so it may actually be simpler for you.

Share with me how you are tracking your taxes maybe I can help you get it working. The reason I ask is there are several ways to approach Tax Included.


@kendash does this help?


Ok so it should be easy just need some renaming of my transaction types… In your Refund Ticket Type select Tax Included as well. Show me VAT Transaction from your Transaction Types menu

EDIT: Mine might look confusing because I use 2 different Tax Templates one for State one for County


I think my confusion is more with your account transaction flow. Source account TO Target account. But i think i’m getting the hang of it.

Why do you have both a State Sales Tax Transaction and a State Tax Transaction ?


I am using accounting transaction to simulate when I pay my Taxes similar to a Supplier payout… except I am using it to record Tax payment to my government.

basically I am using Accounting to track my entire business accounting. Using it like it is Quick-Books. Your only seeing partial setup. I will be adding a lot more into it. I have shelved it for now to work on other projects but I will be coming back to accounting and finishing out my system.

I want 2 systems… 1=TimeTrex for my payroll 2=SambaPOS for rest of accounting. I do not want to use any other programs or services for accounting. I integrated TimeTrex so that I access both systems from SambaPOS so it is as if I have 1 autonomous system that does accounting, payroll, POS, Inventory, and eventually marketing all from 1 system.


you want a SambaERP :smile:


This might even scare some people but I plan to integrate my online banking from my bank to SambaPOS :stuck_out_tongue: So when I do make a supplier payment it actually does debit my account. It wont be a direct link it would be something similar to what I did with TimeTrex


Some of what I plan to do may or may not be possible right now. But I can guarantee you I would never have any chance of doing this if it wasn’t SambaPOS. Short of me hiring a freelance programmer to code it for me custom which is not an option. Its been my experience that most freelance hired custom coded projects are hit or miss with quality and longevity. Often they end up being sloppy versions of how it should work just so it can meet the clients needs.