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i think the strike through on the original items/ticket cause a voided orders ticket to print


No it doesnt cause a voided orders to print… the strike through is a result of the use of Decrease = False. You see it when you use the built in Void Action but if you look all the void action is doing is setting it to Decrease = False… so The strikethrough only happens if you update order and Decrease = False.

Something you will learn with Samba is most of it is as open as it can be… ONLY KEY parts that could risk the integrity of system are hard coded. @emre is designing it so it works almost like its open source without being open source

Even the DEFAULT actions and rules/documents etc are not hard coded…They run off the same premise as your custom ones. They are defined and made so you do not have to start from scratch and so you have a basic working system. But technically if you knew what you were doing you could delete ALL Actions, Rules, Accounts, States, Printer Templates… and design your own operational flow.

I stress the If you knew what you were doing part :stuck_out_tongue:


seems quite powerful in that regard


I completely agree :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not just powerful its FUN for the techno geek that likes to tinker with stuff but never finished computer science haha.


So you’re saying it appears that in practice the above captioned rule RU_Ticket Closed Refunds has no effect on your pre-order ticket ? ( or quite possible it works as Throw away?)

I would think that based on the common understanding of the term ‘pre-order’, it would still deduct from inventory…


Well when you turn on Pre-Order it was meant to store the ticket where its essentially doing NOTHING its just being held so we can make it a real ticket eventually. So technically it doesn’t do anything to inventory… doesn’t deduct or add…

I am using it in a way it was not designed to be used. It works because I figured out how Pre-Order is operating and it fit what I was doing with Refunds… Its really a lazy way to handle it.

EDIT: I am saying I think I was testing that very theory… I do not remember what I found. lol I need to revisit it.


So the [quote=“Aryanking, post:106, topic:2273”]
above captioned rule RU_Ticket Closed Refunds
[/quote] actually restocks the item? Then if i want it to be conditional i can add an Ask Question action to the rule, right?


I do not see any reason that would not work. Good idea BTW

You wouldn’t add it to that rule… that rule would fire the Question then you add the result to a different rule. Yes would fire Update Order action… No would do nothing.

I guess technically you would add it to that rule… but you would need to take the Update Order action out… and put it into a rule that handles the Yes Value of the questions button.

I am going to steal that idea and just add it to the Database… That is a great way to handle that. Thank you!

EDIT: Even though it is fired at Ticket Closed It should seem natural flow I think. ALthough Maybe adding the option to return to stock or not Should be added to the Question that pops up showing the Change due to customer.

Instead of a button just saying OK like it has now… add the Return Item to Stock button and a Throw Away button.

So the flow of the return would be the same... you hit return button to process it.. popup comes up telling you how much to give back to customer or how much is going back on card... and then you press a button telling it Return To Stock or Throw Away... That sounds pretty natural flow to me.. what do you think?


[quote=“kendash, post:109, topic:2273”]
So the flow of the return would be the same… you hit return button to process it… popup comes up telling you how much to give back to customer or how much is going back on card… and then you press a button telling it Return To Stock or Throw Away… That sounds pretty natural flow to me… what do you think?
[/quote] It seems very streamlined. I like.


I will try to implement this in the database tonight and upload a new version here.

EDIT: Running into a few snags… I think I can get it to work. BTW you can delete that rule it is doing nothing.


I am having trouble getting Update Order action to update the cloned ticket. You can go ahead and take Pre-Order off Refund Ticket Type as well. This converts current DB to consider everything throw aways. I am currently trying to get Update Order to work on the Cloned ticket so it will add it back to enable Return To stock.


maybe you need to do so before closing


Yes I am trying before closing… I do not want it updating it on closed… or closing… because if you reopen that ticket to view it… and then close it… it triggers that again.

I need to figure out when to fire Update Order at the right time so it updates it… and then is not triggered again on closing or after closed.

Payment processed would be perfect but I can not get it to work on payment processed because it is converting it to Refund Ticket Type… if I did it at payment processed it would add it for sales as well. If i put a constraint for just Refund Ticket type it will do nothing because technically its a sales ticket until its closed.

The snag is the fact that the Refund Ticket is technically not a Refund Ticket type until its closed… If I could change ticket type at moment it was cloned… IE Clone ticket to a different ticket type… it would work easily.


how about doing it for refund department on sales ticket?


Hmm Not sure there is a constraint for department. Maybe mapping for rule? Good idea let me try that.

Hmm apparently Update Order will not work on Payment Processed.

Not working at Order Added or Ticket Created either.


You may have to take some other action to provision the orders or ticket at that stage before you update the order. Perhaps its secretly locked…


I am thinking the order needs to be selected before Update Order works. @emre is this correct?

That can’t be correct though…

Weird thing is I can put it on Before Ticket Closing and put True for Increase Inventory it records it as a consumption
If I set it to False it records it as a consumption
If I do not put Update order action in the rule and just leave the rule blank (Do Nothing) it doesn’t record a consumption.

I am confused about this behavior…


Does Update Order work here?


It would work on original ticket… I do not want it to do it on original… I need it to update the new cloned ticket.


Maybe Decrease is set to True