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Nope I made sure it was not. I should have added too that If I set Decrease to False… it still adds a consumption lol.


Something is overridding


I can not figure out what it would be. Its not just overriding… because why would it not record a consumption if i just leave the action out of the rule… Does not matter what I tell the action it records it as consumption… if i Leave the action out of rule… it doesnt record a consumption … weird.

I am starting to think it might be a bug with clone Ticket. Or it could be something to do with me converting ticket type.

For time being… if you want it to add item back… set Refund ticket type to Pre order… if you want it recorded as Throw away then turn Pre order off.


i see, so maybe in the mean time you can manipulate/automate inventory transaction directly? Perhaps by creating a Refunds restock transaction type in Inventory management screen…


This behavior is odd as well. Not sure what Pre-Order does that makes it add inventory back in… but it does.


No that would not work. Plus even if it did… you cannot create those documents via actions…So it would be way to prone to mistakes if you forgot to record the document.

I would love some clarification on the behaviors I listed above… Maybe @emre can clarify that when he reads it.

Actually I think I understand what it is doing now. Reason Pre-Order adds item back… its not really adding it back… the action that set decrease to false on original ticket is whats adding it back… Pre Order ticket simply just does nothing…

SO the behavior I do not understand is why Update Order will not prevent the consumption from the Refund Ticket Type if Pre Order is not turned on.


@kendash when you correctly update increase inventory the order line color should turn gray. Did you see that?


I saw it on the original receipt yes. But I had to set the cloned receipt to be a Pre order for it to work I could not get it to work without setting that.


How you’re setting it as Pre-Order? Is it coming from ticket type or are you setting it via action?


Ticket Type for Refund Ticket Type. Did not know I could set it via an action. If I could that is a way I could make this work lol. Its definitely not supposed work that way though… and it might break in future so I am trying to find a more natural way to do this. I would love to avoid using Pre-Order ticket type if I could… and I can if I want them all to be Throw Aways… I have to use Pre Order to get it to add it back.


OK. Couldn’t understand if that issue relates with pre-order tickets or update order action.
I have to sleep now :sleeping: Later I’ll review topic in more detail to understand where it fails.


I am really not sure yet. Its probably only an issue because of how I am using it. Surely its not a bug… I will spend more time on it tomorrow.


@kendash why does program crash when i try to delete your inventory items?


Delete recipe first then inventory

That is not unique to my database.


@kendash Thats exactly what i tried while waiting for your response. It did work. thanks


Well… thank you for noticing that while I was uploading new version :slight_smile:


ahahaha I noticed it a while back it just did not bother me much because if you follow correct order its not really an issue. So I did not think to put it as an issue. I think I will start reporting oddities like that regardless because it will only help improve the software.

Since I am not live and honestly I have enjoyed just tinkering with the software and helping people… it has allowed me to kind of stress test Samba. I am probably putting it through a lot more than most would as far as configurations are concerned. I am trying stuff every day just to see if it is possible and to see how it responds.

I would love to just go live right now… and I could easily… I have already made up my mind that I will be using this software live… I am waiting however for 2-3 reasons. 1. I want it to be as feature rich and as bug free as possible while being customized for my businesses. 2. I really want to know this software like its my brother. I want to be able to fully support it no matter what happens. and 3. (Probably the most important) The way I plan to use Samba it will take me a long time to develop. Some of the stuff I plan to use Samba for really needs a long period of testing before I would deploy it.


OK… It will display a nice error message instead of crash.

SambaPOS crashes are generally happens because of operations that does not match rules we’ve created. However some app functions (especially some rule & action combinations) may permit user to make operations that does not matches our rules and SambaPOS immediately crashes to keep database stable. In that cases I add more validation to display error messages or if it is something that can be handled nicely I just fix that in the background.

I mean some crashes are nice. Love them :slight_smile:


It might be an issue for you to change accounting model when you go live but when you are happy with general accounting features just feel free to go live. Other non accounting related things can be improved after you go live. As we experience that I think we’ll be able to improve SambaPOS to toggle some configurations on - off while you are live.


where is the database for download please?
We are opening in 2 hours and I cant get the printer to work with DB1