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I would recommend you do not download my database and put it in production in 2 hours tho… use it to learn how to fix your own database for printing. I setup specific accounting including taxes and several other things in my database that might or might not suit you.


Wanted to let anyone following this Database know that I will be restructuring it again. I started thinking… While I like the functionality of Department buttons being used for just buttons like I currently have implemented… the system was not designed for those to behave like that and I have already found a few features that do not work because of it. So I am rethinking the design and am currently restructuring it.

PS Anyone that has used my database and incorporated stuff into theirs… I am not changing the core of my system just a few things to do with structure.

I will release it as Version 2 alongside this one.


One issue that I noticed recently is with the Refunds… currently as it is the system allows you to return items multiple times… you can go back into sales ticket and refund the item over and over… I have fixed this by making the Refund Item button invisible if it sees a specific order status. I will include this fix in the new version once I am done.

If your interested in doing this fix now its simply just open up Automation Command: AU_Return Item Ask go to Mappings and set Enable States to GStatus= and set Visible States to GStatus=

I am redoing the entire design to give it its own State so it does not use Gift Status this will be in next release.

Finally I will be releasing Three versions:

  1. Quick Service Setup
  2. Tables Setup
  3. Retail Store Setup.


OK I have scrapped pretty much my entire system. I rebuilt it from scratch using State Flows. I will post updates soon I am nearly complete. I reduced and simplified almost all of it.

Few Examples: It now does not give a popup when you press return item asking if it was cash or credit… it now automatically knows what payment type was used and it will automatically set the State of the Refund Ticket to that type and when you press refund button it automatically records it as Refund Cash or Refund Credit.

It no longer requires separate departments… It all runs from POS screen.

It is actually tracking better and more accurately now that it has its own state flow.

You can build some VERY nice reports around Refunds, Sales, Aborts… as they each have their own State Flow.


I have created a new user which I found key to getting a complete uninstall and then rebuilt from the demo upwards and all is now running fine. Next step is to get the second terminal installed and the kitchen printer. Thanks for everyone’s help and patience.


Glad you got that worked out!


Kendash thanks for all your hard work on this. Will you be implementing gift cards (Sambacard ) into your database. It would be great to be able to sell plastic gift cards and add funds to it. I’ll be honest I just have not had time to delve into this and your quickserve setup is heading into the perfect direction for our use!


Yes I will be. I have not started that yet as I want to get the core of my system down first.


Nearing completion of my redesigned Refund system. I am going to post some screenshots in a few minutes.

Ring up a Ticket like normal and press your payment type.

Ticket is Printed and notice TR# at top. Ignore the website and 4digit number at bottom those are actually QR code and Barcode notepad just does not print them.

           MOORE'S DAIRY CREME            
            ( 999 ) 999 - 9999            
Ticket# 4     OP# Admin   TE# 1   TR# 2687
               Type:Dine In               
 1 Burrito                            4.00
 1 Frito Pie                          1.80
 1 Coffee                             0.84
 1 Hamburger.Single                   2.50
 -Pickel x1 
 -Onion x1 
 -Mustard x1 
 -Miracle Whip x1 
 -Tomato x1 
 -Lettuce x1 
 -Ketchup x1 
 1 Sundae.Regular                     2.80
 -Hot Fudge x1                        0.30
 -Caramel x1                          0.30
 -Pecans x1 
                        Subtotal     11.94
                  Tax 1  6.50 %       0.77
                  Tax 2  1.75 %       0.20
                           Total     12.91
                       Cash Tend     12.91
              # ITEMS SOLD 5              

Scan the receipt or Enter the TR# in POS screen Numberpad:

Press Reopen Ticket and select items for refund.

Press Return Item button that appears on left: Press Refund Transaction button to perform the refund:

Original Ticket.

I am still working on Ticket Tags I am redesigning those. I am also redesigning some of the accounting. I also need to change some mapping for Reopen Ticket… few other tweaks but it is coming along!

I think this is a lot more natural flow for this sort of operation.


Looks Awesome!! I thought what you did before was really good an it just got better!!

I dont use a kitchen screen yet so dont know if this is doable but after you have refunded items and it shows as void on the kitchen screen could those items be highlighted in red or a different colour to stand out? Just thought it would be more visible to people in the kitchen, dont know if that would help you?


Right now they can not. But that would be great if they could.


How is your redesign project coming along?


Really good. I have finished most of the functions. I am reworking my TimeClock and To GO systems now. I am also slowly converting it to a modular design with rules etc all using unique tags to group it into compartments like anything that has to do with my refunds system every rule or action starts with REFUNDS_


Some early release screenshots of my Time Clock I am building… These are beginning so virtually no formatting I roughed it together to demonstrate the idea… I will be showing better more complete system in next few days.

Following screenshots only show the basic function of changing the Employee entity state. I have not designed what I am doing with the state changes yet.

I have way more plans with this. This is just a rough beginning… I have not done any beautification or restrictions etc yet.

TimeTrex Community Edition Integration: How to integrate third party Payroll/Time Clock software into SambaPOS

Ok I have tweaked it more. I am now tying Samba Users to Employee Entities. Behavior is as follows now:

  1. Employee logs in to Samba with their own pin.
  2. Samba immediately greets them by name and says Choose An Option: Clock In or Cancel. If employee presses clock in it takes them to POS screen if they choose cancel it logs them out of SambaPOS.
  3. When employee is ready to clock out they go to time clock screen scan their badge or enter their pin and it greets them by name and asks them if they wish to go to break, lunch. or clock out… all of these options will log the user out of SambaPOS

Because I have tied Employee Entities to User… I can now assign SambaPOS users as waiters and can switch waiters on tables and it will track it at user level…

I still have the management screen to view who is clocked in, on break, on lunch etc. It will also update to show me if they are assigned to a table or not. I hope to make it actually show what table they are assigned.


Small update… It now assigns the entity to ticket automatically. at Ticket Creation



Change Waiter Screen will ONLY show employees that are clocked in.


Looking good so far, i’m looking forward to a test drive