Re build tax for closed tickets

hellow sambapos i will like to know it is possible to rebuild or re calculate tax for closed tickets.

Creating multiple posts with the same question wont get you a response any quicker

Im not sure if theres a way through samba to do it, if there is itll prob be time consuming. Youd be better probably running some sql script to update all tickets within a timeframe.

Im no sql expert and wouldnt even begin to know where to start to do that, @QMcKay or someone may be able to advise you better

Ok so I responded to your other post… the answer was in the post you responded to yourself. there is a maintenance task that should solve your issue. Did you not try the maintenance task?

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that maintance task as emre said does not apply for closed tickets… “So for the closed tickets I’m wondering how it should be fixed as applying tax will probably change ticket amount and related payments.” so i was wondering if there is a way to apply this to the closed tickets.

mmmm yes i also think that it will thought SQL but i also doesnt know where to start.

That would depend on your tax setup, if prices are setup including tax it would not effect total or payments.


they are not included in prices :disappointed_relieved:

and what if the prices are not included in my setup? it will possible to acchieve this?

No idea, my prices include tax and never had to run this script.