I have purchased SambaPOS V5.1 last June and used in my restaurant.
Unfortunately, some error happened yesterday and main program has been disappear.
So I tried to fine the installer but no more V5 in the website.

Re-seller in the region said I have to pay again for Professional version. Even I purchased last June and it is less 1 year !!! he said it is the company policy so no more old version is available.

Please advice me what should I do.
If someone has V5.1, please send me by email.

I look forward to your quick response.


Sam Lee

The latest version is always available from here.

Sorry but your reseller is an idiot and is extorting money from you. The download is now on the main website and you can certainly update to latest version with your current license. I would drop that reseller and not do any more business with him.

It’s really bad the amount of resellers that have absolutely no clue.


Finally he charged $100 for License fee and data recover fee for $55.
I asked him I need License Number in case of problem in the future but he said there is no 'License Number" for SambaPOS. As an official re-seller, he bough 10 package of Starter Kit from SambaPOS and using this kit.

I paid my license fee two times but no license number…so I need clear explanation about this situation.

  1. June 2017 : Paid total $400 for installation 2 computer.
  2. April 2018 : Paid $100 for new license and $55 for service charge

If SambaPOS business is like it, I will not use anymore. It is better to use other “permanent license program which has a license number and free update”

Please advice me.

Thank you.

Also when I login my account, I check my license but my account and license is under the name of re-seller.
So i cannot do anything for my system.

Without this re-seller, I cannot re-install, update and anything. I think this is wrong seriously.
Please inform to the HQ and give me the resolution. I need my license for the future update or re-installation.

Thank you.

There is no licence number, the licesnce is associated with a sambapos email account but each licence needs its own account/sub account so if the licence he sold you isnt registered in your email he must be using ‘client’ emails under his own domain. However you should be able to login either way since email address is only like a username for the sambapos control panel.

SambaPOS V5 licence shouldn’t expire or need replacing. As far as I understand it includes any updates for V5 of the software.
Changing database or machine would require reactivation but all this requires is the licence to be reset in the samba control panel.

Although he bought a reseller pack of 10 licences he would still be allocating a licence into a sub account of its own with separate email.

From a sub account there is facility to reset the licence key to allow reinstall/activation so frankly the scenario you describe sounds less than honest, you should not have needed a new licence.

Charges for data recovery are what they are and unless your paying a standing support fee that part seems fair but you defiantly would not have needed a new licence for the situation described.

If you wanted to report the reseller/discuss options you would need to talk to @Tayfun who manages this type of situation at samba itself.

The license has nothing to do with updates, you simply install the updated version. There are many versions of licenses used in the industry and not all of them are keys you write down. Sambapos license is perminate. When he allocates a license he assigns it to an email.

Sounds like your reseller is controlling the license. He should not be charging for version updates, heck you can install version updates yourself.

What do you mean by this?

@foodtrainkenya Please check your email for the solution.