Re-open Settled Ticket & Cancel Payments

Try this:

[=F(TN('{TICKET TAG:TND}')-TN('{TICKET TAG:Refund}'))]

Your trying too hard. Try this:

'{TICKET TAG:Refund}' != ' '

Though I am not an expert on Action constraints. @QMcKay might be able to shed more light on that.

this is what i have achieved so far
set rules on reopen settled ticket and payment processed
action: update ticket tag
after settling reopened ticket:
the ticket tag RBal has the change to be given

there are two issues with this:
–when payment is first settled the RBal tag gets its val that’y i was asking for the constraint
–the bill should be printed with the Rbal tag with the constraint as well

He is still here just very busy.

help needed with the the constraint

I am not sure what your referring too. Constraint for what and why:?

i have posted my working with screenshots and the issue above you may go through

manage to get my point?

@Jesse i am very close now just need to put a constraint to know whether ticket tag:refund has been updated or not meaning does it have a value

ok i have manage to achieve the desired result somehow…eventhough i might be doing some extra stuff or complex way.
when i re-open a settled ticket and void,gift, discount any item…i wanted to print the refund amount on the bill.


bill template:

[<J00>|Refund:|   ${TICKET TAG:RBal}]


I have gone through this whole post 5 or 6 times now, I still cannot seem to get the re-open ticket button to show as clickable.

I even set the Mapping to BLANK for Enables States, But still nothing.

Edit: Nevermind…i messed up, All working fine now Thanks


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