Re-open Settled ticket not working after I added Discount Ticket Total function


I hope someone can help me troubleshoot where after I added Discount Ticket Total function, the re-opened settle ticket doesn’t work like it use to where I can unlock ticket and add in discount. Or does it even do that in the first place? I forgot. :-S

I dont think thet you can add discount after ticeket is settled.

Adding discount to settled tickets does not sounds right to me. It will change cash amount so you won’t be able to make (tally) cash properly.

@emre, imo, I don’t see why having a different Cash tally would make a difference. One of the main reasons I use the Re-open and Cancel Payments function is to change Payment Methods (i.e. when the Ticket is mistakenly Settled to Cash, but should have been Settled to Credit Card).

As well, the Tutorial shows that you can theoretically apply Discounts, Gifting, or Voids after Re-opening & Cancelling Payments at the Order-level, which should change the Sale Account Amounts (though I have not looked at it closely enough to know if this is true.) Just be sure you are not only Re-opening the Ticket, but also Cancelling Payments. I haven’t tried Ticket-level Discounts, but Order-level discounts should work.

@teantattle2014, without having a little more detail about your setup, it’s difficult to say why this wouldn’t work for you any longer - especially since it (may not) be working at all, which sounds like a different issue having nothing to do with Ticket Discount implementation. Even the version you are running can make a difference sometimes.


I realize one thing that, I used to be able to unlock a ticket if I use the Re-opened settled ticket.
But after I implement the Fixed Discount script, it doesn’t work anymore. It just let me void now, which I would void the whole ticket, and re-entered it on a new ticket and do the corrections there. I must have altered one of the automation. I’ll be checking on it later.