Ready to backup Tools


I have a small request, The software is Very Good, but i feel for a normal restaurant person it is too complicated to understand how to do all the setup,
for that it will be good if you have Tool Database, Where you can store all Type of Tools, and it will be good all the present users can upload there tools with example so that any new users can go to that data base and download and use the same.
For Example i want to add person count
Plf find the link below

this will save lot of time for new user and it will become very simple also.


There is a place for that its called configuration tasks. Not many people have contributed. I think other than Emre I am the only one that has built configuration tasks.


thanks @Jesse for the quick reply, it is better if that link is given in the home page and it highlighted so that every one can have a easy access,
Kindly let me know the link, i am not able to find the link of it.


It’s not a link it’s built into SambaPOS. Go to manage > settings > configuration tasks. Instructions on how to build tasks and deploy them to github were in the release forum category. I can’t remember which version but doing a forum search for configuration task should turn up something.


Hi, thank you once again,
Yes that is my main point, when something is not easy to access it will not be used, it will be great if it can be made available on the main page, where we can easly upload or download the file. Also sending a request msg to all the user to upload the file in the particular link.
Its just my thought, if you feel it will helpfull you can do it, otherwise you are best person to judge whats good.
thank you