Receipt logo and barcodes do not print

I have tried adding < BMP > to receipt template with my file name but samba does not print the logo

I also have the logo stored in my printer and when printing a test page through my printer the logo prints, however when testing in samba the receipt print but no logo, even though my printer settings are set for the logo to print at document start

Also, when adding < BAR > {TICKET NO} OR {TICKET ID} no barcode prints, any ideas?

EDIT: ive now got barcode printing for {TICKET NO} so its just logo printing thats the issue now

2nd EDIT: logo now prints using < BMP > command in ticket template (i didnt realise it needed .bmp at end of file name, oops)

My issue now is that the logo prints really slowly, then the rest of the ticket prints really quick, is there anyway to make the logo print faster or alternatively to get the image stored in the printer to print as this prints really quick?

Thanks in advance

I know that most epson reciept printers have a flash logo feature that comes with the driver software you can get on their site.

Thats what im using and it works fine in test prints through windows but doesnt print when using samba

EDIT @emre is there a printer command i can add to the ticket template to print a logo stored in the printer? Currently when using the < BMP > setting the logo prints really slowly. Ive got the logo also stored in the printer but it doesnt print through samba, it does however print on a test print using the driver software

You can print stored logos by using <XCT> commands. Command parameters might change for different printer models but if you search forums you can find some examples. You can find more information on printer manufacturers website.

For example

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Worked first time thanks!!