Receipt rpinting

Hi i have made entity screens for DINE IN, TAKE AWAY.

so here i want to print 1 receipt for DINE IN, 2 receipt for TAKE AWAY. can i get help for this please.

Are those two different entity types or just different entity?

yes it is seprate entity type dine in i have given table and take away customer

You can use (TCET=xyz) as an expression in your report. Replace xyz with whatever your entity type name is…

I think I misunderstood you but you can use [ENTITY:xyz] as an layout.

i dint get u were u want me to use this

here is screen shot for my entity screen. so i want to print 1 copie for dine in 2 copie for take away.

How are you triggering print? Button or you mean on payment.
Simplest way would be say if it was for print bill button, in the rule add a second print job action but constrain the action to ‘{ENTITY:Take Away}’ != ‘’
First action prints for any press. Seccond action only fires if entity name for takeaway entity is not null.

Hi i did this but its printing 3 copies for both dine in and take away.

like when i have order for dine in its shuld print only one copie
when i have order for take away it should print 2 copies.
but now also its printing 3 copies for both dine in and take away


Right, are you sure one isn’t kitchen print or payment processed print?
Can only go on what you say.
If constraint isn’t working please check that Take Away is exact correct name for your takeaway entity type.
If it’s not it will return null for all so print seccond copy.

ya name is correct i have for take away and kitchen printer i have disable and if it is printing payment process means then it shuld print 3 copies if i do print bill but its printing 2 copies for both dine in and take away

Actually, it might be {ENTITY NAME:Take Away}

No sir same it is nothing change

Show your takeaway entity type setup.

hi here is the screen shot for take away entity


So remember this it’s very important. Case sensitivity is important throughout Sambapos. If it’s in all caps then it needs to be all caps in the rule

Also that’s entity screen name, NOT the entity type itself.

yes i have give same in caps as it is given name for entity screen


Yes, but your reporting the ENTITY not the entity screen…
Hence why you were asked for entity type screenshot, not entity screen.

hi here is screen shot for entity type