Refund Item button

So its just mine… I have two other buttons on mine mapped to specific states. I am going through them now to figure out which one is causing it.

EDIT: Figured it out… I took my Cancelled Settled Payment out of the Reopen Ticket rule and made it a button so I can manually decide to do it. I did this so I could Use my Reprint Customer Receipt button without having to change the payment…This way it would not print two receipts and I could use a separate template for the Reprint Customer Receipt

The mapping on the buttons Enabled state was set to Paid… it looks like since the balance is now zero even though it says Paid It cannot enable on a Paid State because there is now no actual Tendered amount… I am sure the real reason is slightly different… but bottem line I removed the Mapping for Enabled state on my Cancel Settled Payment button and it works fine now.

EDIT: Never mind I am wrong again… it is still doing it. I understand why now… for refund button to work you have to cancel the payment first. So its got to do with mapping I need to figure out how to get it mapped so I can do them in order. I still do not want to cancel payment upon Re-Open Ticket.

Yes, my Re-open button automatically performs the Cancel Payment Action as well. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to separate them.

That is the issue apparently. It lets me separate them just fine and it works just fine as long as I have not refunded all of the items on the ticket… I am not sure why its doing that behavior now.

It does not do it if I cancel payment before I reopen ticket… I didn’t think was possible…

Wow this one is eluding me.

I don’t know if that information helps or not but we should cancel whole payments when we reopen a paid ticket.

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Hi @QMcKay i am interested by you’re feature concerned the message of payment status by cash or credit card under the ticket screen, so in you’re picture: i’m interested by this line : TND:200.00,CHG: 0 and PMT 10.32.380 [cash]: 200.
I know its another subject but can you make a little tutorial ?

@kmurat, here you go …

So I have a strange behavior going on. I double checked everything and cannot figure out whats going on. My refund item button is working when I reopen a ticket… but…it only calculates the change correctly if I DO NOT cancel payments first. If I do cancel payments first it will do everything correct except it the amount tendered has disappeared and it will not calculate the - amount.

EDIT: Never mind i was thinking backwards on the accounting… that is working correctly. I guess I was trying to make a popup that would show amount to give back to customer. Now that would be hard to do Im guessing. Would probably have to store the amount charged before the cancel payments and then bring the difference of that up with balance after the refund.



I got error “Can’t Complete this operation white zero priced Orders exits”

can you tell me what am i missing ? :frowning:

Try enable Zero priced orders in your Ticket Type

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Thanks :slight_smile: that was fast replay

Working on something within this tutorial lol saw your post popup

Updated Tutorial to include this as one of the first steps. Thanks for mentioning it!

@QMcKay Thanks for the refund and its suits me as I only use Bar Inventory , But one question how to show refund in receipt (Transaction ) Any Command suggestion would be great thanks.

You would add an [ORDERS:Refund] section to your template.

-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines


@QMcKay Thank u but inventory not working properly, its showing consumption not putting back any suggetions thanks.

@gsreddy, my suggestion is that you have made a mistake in your setup.

Is the Ask Question Action firing?

Post a screenshot of the Ask Question Action. It is important that True/False values are used because that is what the Update Order Action is expecting as a Parameter.

Also show the Rule called RU Refund Item Update that contains the AC Refund Item Action (an Update Order Action). It should be supplying the [:CommandValue] of True or False to the Update Order action via the Ask Question answer.

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i don’t know what is the problem. the refund button did not appear. i already review my work

Sir QMcKay please check this one… the inventory not working properly

@ralph please post a screenshot of the >> Ask Question << Action as @QMcKay suggested.

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Hi sir @emre my 1st post picture that is not the ask question that you mean sir? if its not sir can where i could find it? Thanks sir