Refund orders AND order tags modifiers

Sorry if I’ve missed this already solved, I did a lot of looking, but couldn’t find a suitable answer.

This is mainly an issue because of the way I run employee commissions (based on item prices, NOT any order tag prices), but it probably is also useful for restaurants if you are running an inventory based on order tags.

Imagine this ticket…

1 Pizza           $10
  - Extra cheese  $1
  - Pepperoni     $2


If a mistake by the operator was realised immediately, how can this order be refunded, including the prices of all of the order tags turned negative, so the correction ticket looks something like this…

1 Pizza (REFUND)          -$10
  - Extra cheese          -$1
  - Pepperoni             -$2

1 Vegan pizza              $10
  - Extra vegan cheese     $1
  - Fancy mushroom         $2


(I already have a Refund button, rule and action that updates the total order price, but the prices of the order tags remain unchanged).

My refund setup makes quantity -1 which makes plu sales total and price balance without updating price, tags and decrease inventory option, just inverses everything.
Has worked well for me so far, might be easy solution for you is works for your setup.


Genius! - Great idea, that works perfectly. Thanks @JTRTech :slight_smile: