Refund System 2.0

Yeah I think this is best because the payment screen presents too many other features not related to a refund. Doing this way may also enable better control over how a scenario like this is handled:

Good points I think we can solve them all.

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This is how my refund system works:

From a fresh, clear accounting and no stock

First i will sell a Bulmers Original (ask its age restricted my prompt appears when adding to ticket)

Paid for by cash

Accounts now show the £4.00 sale as cash

Inventory shows as minus 1 (we started at zero)

Now we use the refund system (this is an ad hoc refund system and not linked to previous tickets)

From options menu select the refund button

The enters Refund Mode

Add the Bulmers Original to add to ticket and select the reason for return, this as added as an order tag

Now select to return the item to inventory or not, YES will add back to inventory, NO will have no effect on inventory levels and the item can be discarded

Next press the refund button to select the refund tender

Select cash as that was the original payment method

after refund is completed the refund system automatical exits and reverts back to the normal sales mode

Now on checking inventory and accounts we should see the £4.00 is deducted from the cash sales line and shows as a cash refund and that inventory has reverted back to zero as the item was added back to stock

@RickH I notice you have changed the default accounting, you have no Recieveables? (actually I am not sure what that is for TBH)

Don’t even remember doing it if I’m honest lol, I don’t use that accounting screen much anyway I just built reports based of it which is all I need

Receivables is standard accounting. Everything goes in there then out to its respectable account.

He may just have it hidden from screen.

Ok I got a little more progress on this I will share it later today. Keep in mind I am doing this with Credit Card integration in mind. I plan to use the US integration as soon as I get my hands on it.

So i managed to sort it using menu switching instead, so item is either returned to inventory or discarded and the refund reason is added as an order tag

just needs some aesthetic changed now lol


@Jesse did you get this finished at all?

Yes sorry been working at food truck in morning and lunch them at my restaurant in evenings barely have time to sleep. When I get time to do it I’ll share it. Sunday hopefully. My only day off lol


Do you mind sharing steps on how to achieve this?