Regarding New Ticket Creation While Click on a Entity Screen

How can I create a New ticket While Click on an Entity Screen, Take away? Please help me do the same

Ensure your Entity “Take Away” screen is set to custom. Similar to how I set it screenshot.

Create a new Auto Command Button Called “New Ticket” or whatever you want to call it.

Create an action to create ticket. Below is the action you can use.
Create a New rule to execute create ticket action.

Then on your “Take away” Entity screen, right click the blank area and click " Design Mode"
Then right click again and click “Add widget” And choose Auto Command Button.

Right click the created button and click on the settings.

In the command name choose the name of your auto command button and save.

Then save changes by right clicking blank spoke and clicking Design mode again to save changes.

I have done like what you said. But new ticket menu is not coming when am clicking on the Take Away button.
The menu is coming when am clicking on the new automation command button. But when am clicking on that button second time the pos got stuck

Did you create a rule for add ticket?
show your rules.