Register windows tablet with sql server



I have loaded sambapos v5 onto server pc with sql server 2012. I have also loaded v5 onto my tablet and added the data connection string all loading and working fine can open tables on server add to existing orders ect but i cant work out how to make the printer work from the tablet.

I was also wondering if i need to register the tablet on the server somehow as a named device at present all i have done is enter the data connection string to the pad.




Share the Printer on the Server.

Enter the Sharename on the Tablet in the Printer setup, something like:



Thanks for the reply

I have tried \Server-PC\Kitchen Printer

does that seem right to you as it does not work. Do I need to set anything up on the Server-PC the printer is usb and connected to it.


You will need to share the printer as QMcKay said, then add the shared printer on the tablet.
If you name the printer the same as it is on the server/other terminals it will be picked up by samba as samba looks for printer names rather than locations so even though shared


You need to share it.


is that a sambapos setting or shared in windows


Share it in Windows on the server.



Thanks for the help


sir i try this method but not working


Your printer is broken.
No wait, it is out of paper.
Hold on, the cable is disconnected.
Nope, the power is out.
Yes, the power is on, but it isn’t plugged in.

It does work. You just have not set it up correctly.

You fail to provide any information. And without that, you won’t get any help. Saying “doesn’t work” is like telling me your toe hurts, and you want me to tell you why. Stubbed it? Dropped a brick on it? Cut it off?

Without you providing any information on how you installed the Printer Driver in Windows (screenshot), how you shared it (screenshot), what you called the share (screenshot), the name of the Server computer (screenshot), how you configured the printer on the Tablet (screenshot), there is no way we can help you.


Before reporting issues printing from SambaPOS it is sensible to make sure that you can print successfully from the terminal.

Before loading SambaPOS, just open Notepad and try to print something using the specific computer and printer and that you would like to set up.

If Notepad prints correctly but SambaPOS is not printing correctly, then write a post confirming you can print from Notepad and provide details of what is not working in SamabPOS, these details include:

  • What you have done to configure the printer (include screenshots of your printer config, print jobs and if necessary, copy & paste your printer template in to a code section - use the </> button)
  • What actions you are performing to initiate a print (clicking “Print Bill” or settling a ticket etc)

If Notepad does not print correctly then don’t bother trying to continue configuring printing within SambaPOS for now. You should search on general Windows help forums for more information such as:

  • How do I set up a printer in Windows?
  • How do I enable network printer sharing in Windows?
  • How can I print to a shared network printer?

Remember, there are only so many users on the SambaPOS forum, so if you are experiencing general printing issues, you should address these to general Windows help forums so you can access the help of many more people :slight_smile:


sir printer working in server pc but not working in windows tab…


Print a Test Document on the Tablet first, using Notepad or something. If that does not work, then it will not work in SambaPOS.


Please see what I wrote above…

In this case, the “specific” computer you are trying to setup is your Windows Tablet. First, get to the point where you can print from Notepad on the tablet and then move onward to configuring SambaPOS.