Relay switch wifi

Hello every one

I use this relay switch wifi for control power in hotel room

Can we set any way to send power ON and OFF this relay wifi switch

With v5 you can do all sorts with scripts but would need details on the controllers interface and if it has an open endpoint to send commands to.
It most likely is a chinese import so documentation is going to be poor most likely.

I cant figure out why you would want to configure that with SambaPOS? What purpose would turning lights on and off from a POS have?

I agree… if you are looking for some type of whole management system for automation i would suggest you look into a home automation system… Is a really nice open source home automation controller that allows you to bridge it with pretty much any kind of smart device out there… can even give notification on the status of your sambapos server… ram usage… cpu usage… temps… etc… They have a really large forum much like smabapos! I use it to control my entire home… you can setup rules and notifications and actions… whatever you can think of it can pretty much do.

how this would be related to relay wifi, ii didnt understand…