Release notes page?

Is there anywhere where official release notes are published with each new version of SambaPOS, showing what is new / fixed in the release?

If not, @emre this would be a useful thing to have on a page or forum topic.

Do you mean this ?

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The V5 Feature Compilation topic is good to see what was added between 4.1.82 and 5.1.47, and it is very necessary to have it publicly readable, but it is extremely long and we should probably lock it and move on…

Going forward, I suggest putting release notes in the V5 Release category with the version number.


As you’ve previously suggested I’ve created V5 Release category and as I release new versions I’ll publish release notes under this category.

We can keep current compilation topic locked. I think I’ll create a lot of detailed tutorials as people asks questions about these features.


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Yeah that was what I was meaning, to have a place where we can go that has release notes by version, so we know which version has what new features, or what bugs we might have brought up have been fixed. Also likely will save some questions being asked.

I like the V5 Feature Compilation topic, however as @QMcKay said it is very long. I remember when I first got invited to V5 Beta group, just going through that was a lot and I felt a bit disorganised, and so many people posting features they “found”. So an official release notes from @emre or others working at SambaPOS would be best.

Thanks :smile:

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@markjw this is the plan. We made the big post a sticky and closed it but going forward each version will have its own release thread located here:

We are discussing making each release a timed duration for pinned at top. This will bring all new releases to top and be pinned for specific amount of time.